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Online aptitude test
Online aptitude test

T-STAR, Toppr’s Scholastic Test for Aptitude and Reasoning, is an online aptitude test designed to gauge students’ learning skills. Created by IIT and MIT alumni, the T-STAR test helps students identify their reasoning and aptitude for subjects they are learning and compete at a national level. A well-designed reasoning and aptitude test like T-STAR can not only help students decide which stream they can take after 10th but also ultimately decide the right course and the right career path.

But even though we know and hear so much about aptitude tests, the significance of online aptitude tests is often misunderstood by many students or, sometimes, not appreciated fully. 

Why aptitude tests? 

To be successful at anything we need to plan for it and the same goes for a successful career. Planning for a successful career begins with choosing the right stream or having the right subject combination. These subjects then become the foundation of your career while they also determine your eligibility for the right courses after your 12th standard. 

A carefully designed aptitude test will not only help you understand your calibre and potential but will also inform you about the areas you need to focus on to improve your overall performance. The reasons below will help you further learn why taking an online aptitude and reasoning test can help you plan your preparation better:

Find out the right career choice for you:

Aptitude tests are perfect for students who are confused about what career path they should pick. Answering online aptitude tests will help you better analyze your skills and generate ideas and options that best match your interests. 

Find out more about your strengths & weaknesses:

Understand more about yourself and find out how hard you need to work to reach your learning goals. Aptitude and reasoning tests like T-STAR will help you analyze the level of your efforts required to make an appropriate study timetable. 

Find out your all-India percentile:

Toppr’s T-STAR aptitude test not only tests your logical and reasoning ability but also gives you an all-India percentile. This percentile gives you an idea of where you stand with respect to other students in your grade. 

Once you have the required information to build your career, it becomes easy to predict your potential success in your chosen field of interest. T-STAR aptitude test results also come in handy when students are starting their preparation for JEE/NEET or any other competitive/scholarship exam.  

Designed for students from class 5-12, Toppr’s free online aptitude test gives you an idea of how much you can score in competitive exams like NEET and IIT JEE with an all-India percentile. This helps students in planning their preparation plan more effectively along with providing them with the confidence they need to learn their weak subjects in school. 

Students who excel in this free online aptitude test get an opportunity to win attractive academic scholarships and prices such as a tablet, BlueTooth speakers, headphones and more. To understand more about how the T-STAR test helped students learn better, we caught up with top rankers from previous T-STAR exams. Here’s what they had to say: 

Student Testimonials

Arnav Nigam 

Class: 9th

Online aptitude test

Why did you give an aptitude test? 

I wanted to assess where I stand at an all-India level. Since this also required no preparation, I wanted to test my knowledge to see how well I can practically apply the concepts I know.

Were you able to get a better idea of your strengths and weaknesses? 

After the test, I have more confidence in my strengths and know what I need to study to improve my overall performance. I saw there were some patterns of questions that I found more difficult than the others. I need to improve my logical reasoning ability. 

Have you implemented any new learning strategies to learn better?

I know I need to work hard on solving questions based on series and logical reasoning. In my prep, I will pay special attention to these topics. 

Prakriti Riya 

Class 10

Why did you give an aptitude test? 

I gave this exam because I wanted to analyze the knowledge I have gained and also know where I stand in the all-India ranking scheme. 

Were you able to get a better idea of your strengths and weaknesses? 

Yes, I did. The questions asked were a mix of difficult and simple questions. Few sections were extremely easy for me but not my friends. So this test helped me gain more confidence in these topics because I could solve them quickly. 

Have you implemented any learning strategies? 

Not yet, but I have an idea of what syllabus I should study more seriously in my coming classes to improve my knowledge and performance. 

Open for students from class 5-12, T-STAR is a free online aptitude test and requires no prior preparation to answer the exam. A detailed report card is provided after the test results that showcase the students’ all-India percentile, highlights areas where they excel at and also the ones that require training. 

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