What is Online Examination?

Online examination is a test conducted over the internet. Also, it measures the knowledge level of students. Students can give online exams from their own devices at their own time. The online examination requires an internet connection and a web browser.

What is an Open Book Examination?

It refers to those exams in which students can consult their books and notebooks. Also, they can use other accepted material for answering questions. These especially aim to develop skills and creative thinking. Besides, it is a common practice in law examinations.

Example of online examination

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Examination

The different similarities and dissimilarities of the online examination are:

Advantages of Online Examination

1. Saves Paper

Since they are online they do not use paper. Also, you never have to print the question paper for students. Besides, saving trees means saving trees.

2. Saves Time

You can set an auto-grade exam that will grade itself like multiple choices. The online examination can be completely automated and hassle-free.

3. Saves Money

The cost of buying and printing paper is saved. Also, you can save on logistics or assembling and conducting exams. They can give exams on their devices. In addition, it saves money to spend on exam conducting.

4. Saves Students Money

Students do not have to go to a definite location to give exams. Students can give online exams from a remote location.

5. More Secure than Class Exams

You can make a long list of questions for students. Also, each student will get a random set of questions from them.

So, students can’t cheat from others. Also, they won’t be able to share questions.

Disadvantages of Online Examination

1. Can’t keep a Check on Students

Keep in mind that students give their exams while being alone. Also, no one should be there to help them.

Besides, provide questions that cannot be retrieved from the internet or book. Or add a timer for each answer.

2. Open Text Question

The teacher can ask open text questions but they will not auto-grade. Also, teachers have to give time to check them.

3. Can be a Victim of Fraud

Online scams/fraud is pretty common these days. Use question bank to solve the issue of fraud.

Also, handout all the questions and answers to students. Eventually, they have to learn all of them.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Open Book Examination

Advantages of Open Book Examination

1. Less Difficult on Recall

In an Open book exam, students can check the books. So, they don’t have to stuff a lot of facts.

2. Provides the Second Chance

Students get a second chance to obtain knowledge. Also, they can gather suitable learning material rather than recalling it.

3. Enhances Retrieval Skills

It helps in remembering things for a longer duration. Also, students find resourceful ways to collect necessary information from different sources.

Disadvantages of Open Book Examination

1. Not sure of Equality

It is difficult to judge whether all students have equally prepared for an exam or not.

Also, some books are very costly and the library also has a limited number of books.

2. Need More Desk Space

The books and notes take a lot of space. Also, the desk needs to be bigger to keep the books.

3. Time-consuming

Sometimes students take a lot of time finding some topics. Also, they look for books rather than answering with their own knowledge and skills.


It is difficult to judge which is better. The online examination saves money, paper, and resources.

While on the other hand open book exams help to keep the mind healthy. Both have some advantages and disadvantages over the other.

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