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There is nothing intimidating about chemistry, it is just that the way you prepare for it is different than other subjects. If you are thorough with concepts and strong with the basics, solving questions of Organic Chemistry during the course of preparation would become the most exciting thing for you.

In this article, I will address everything about organic chemistry that you to need be aware of to prepare earnestly and fare well in your board and also in competitive exam like JEE making sure you enjoy the process.

No more Panic with Organic

Organic Chemistry is the study of compounds of carbon. Organic Compounds are found in living things and are also synthesised at a huge scale. The food you eat, the Fundamental building block of the living organism – DNA, the plastic chair that you are sitting on, all of it contains organic molecules. Thus It becomes important for a science student to have knowledge of the same.

The syllabus of Organic Chemistry is vast indeed. A lot of reactions, methods of preparation, reagents, rules and exceptions too. But despite this, you will certainly see the co-relation. It gets easier as you proceed with the syllabus.

Organic chemistry is just like spider-web where things are interconnected. Take a small molecule – use a proper reagent and reaction condition and you will end up with a completely different compound.

This diagram will surely consolidate this point.


The Web
The Web

It’s important that you understand the basics of Physical and Inorganic chemistry before you move over Organic chemistry. From the Inorganic unit, you must have strong knowledge of Position of elements in the Periodic table, periodic properties and Orbital theory. From the Physical Unit, it is Thermodynamics principle, Equilibrium and Reaction Kinetics. So, as you can see Organic Chemistry is the perfect blend where concepts pour in from all around.

The Mantra

Throughout the course, you will have to learn a lot of reactions. Mugging and cramming won’t work here. You will have to study hundreds of reactions, so better have a strategy and proper procedure to complete the course thoroughly. Moreover, the syllabus is not the only thing, major challenge is when you have to solve questions.

The only way you can conquer the organic chemistry is when you understand how the reactions happen, the fundamental factors behind them like “Stability” and keep the exceptions in your mind. Just do this and you can rule over the subject.

Always understand the concepts coming your way in Organic Chemistry. There is always a reason why things happen, the way they happen in organic chemistry be it an exception rule or reaction mechanism. Google and you will get the answer.

Summary Sheets at your rescue

These are some of my Summary Sheets. Take a look and start making it for yourself. They were most helpful during my preparation.

Summary Sheets
Summary Sheets
  • Anytime I wanted to glance a particular chapter in Organic Chemistry I had them. I never went all over my books and class notes to find any particular reaction or concept.
  • They help you to revise before your exams as well as they are good means to keep all important points from multiple sources (Classroom, Books and the Internet) at one place.

Clarify your Doubts

You will have doubts for everything you come across in organic chemistry. No one can help you better than the subject teacher himself to master Organic Chemistry. The subject would literally be a cake walk for you If you would clarify your doubts regularly. Never hesitate to ask even If it is a trivial one.

Organic Chemistry for JEE

Organic Chemistry is one of 13 units that is included in the syllabus of JEE (Mains & Advanced). (Maths – 5, Physics – 5, Chemistry -3). 40% of the questions in Chemistry are from this unit.

The time taken to solve the Organic Chemistry question is comparatively lesser. This gives you an edge. There is a time advantage to attempt this section. You can solve questions faster If you are thorough with the concepts and the time gained can be used for length questions in other sections. Hence this serves as a scoring part in JEE if you are well versed and have practised a good number of questions.

I would recommend NCERT Textbook and GRB Advanced problems in organic Chemistry for IIT-JEE for solving questions of Organic Chemistry.

Now that you have everything you need to start off. Keep the focus and practice lot of questions. All the Best 🙂 !

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