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Pass marks decreased for ICSE Class 10, ISC Class 12 Board Examinations

Growing up, we have always had this debate/talk with people about ICSE (and ISC) being a tougher board to study in. Be it syllabus or the exams, the board has always been stricter compared to other boards. Well, there is some, if we may say; “Relief” for the students of ICSE (and ISC) boards.

Past Monday, Council of Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) released a circular on their website stating that the pass marks decreased for class X (ICSE) and class XII (ISC) board examinations. Earlier, the passing marks were 35% for class X and 40% for class XII. However, the numbers have now been reduced to 33% for class X and 35 % for class XII. Even the pass marks for class IX and XI have been decreased. For class IX, the decrease is similar to class X and 33% pass marks are required instead of 35% and for class XI, the decrease is similar to class XII and 35% pass marks are required instead of 40%.  However, All This will be effective only from the academic year 2019.

It is to be noted that for the academic year 2018, the passing marks would still be 35% and 40% for ICSE and ISC board examinations respectively. The circular asked the heads of school to implement the change from the academic year 2019. The circular also asked the heads to implement the same pass marks criterion for internal examination policy as well.

The actions were taken after various recommendations from IBWG (Inter Board Working Group). IBWG suggested that the pass marks criterion should be uniform (or close to uniform) for all the existing boards and hence the recommendations. It would promote standardization.

In a nutshell,

From the academic year 2019, the pass marks for class X (ICSE) board would be 33% and the pass marks for class XII (ISC) board would be 35%.

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