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Patol  Babu Summary and Notes:

Patol Babu is an important lesson for Class 10 English. This article will provide the Patol Babu summary and other relevant details about the chapter, for the student’s aid.

About the Author

The story, Patol Babu, The filmmaker was composed by the revered Bengali filmmaker Satyajit Ray. Most rightly regarded as one of the greatest filmmakers of the 20th century, Ray directed thirty-six films in his lifetime. It included Feature films, documentaries as well as short films. Along with being a stellar filmmaker, he also happened to be a fine fiction writer, illustrator, publisher, a music composer, graphic designer and a film critic. He was the author of many short stories and novel meant for children mainly. In the year 1992, Ray received the honorary Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement. Satyajit Ray was not only the first Indian to be glorified with this title. The Academy Awards, or as commonly known as the Oscars, is one of the most prestigious award ceremonies of this world, hosted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), which applauds the excellence in cinematic achievements around the cosmos. Read on for Patol Babu summary!

Patol Babu Summary

Below is the Patol Babu summary, Chapter 6, class 10.

The story starts with Patol Babu going out for shopping. On his way to the market, he meets his neighbor Nilkanto Ghosh. Whilst their short conversation, Nilkanto informs Patol Babu that his brother-in-law happens to belong to the film industry and he was looking for an actor for an impending film. Patol Babu is taken by surprise when Nilkanto further informs him that he had suggested Patol Babu’s name for the role. It was surprising for Patol Babu to think he would be appropriate for the role at his age. However, having known about his former stage shows, Nilkanto was confident that Patol Babu was the correct person for this role.

While buying the provisions from the market, Patol Babu’s excitement about the news he heard from Nilkanto, made him mix up the shopping list his wife had sent him with. He couldn’t help himself from rejuvenating the memories of the good old days when people would throng from different spaces by hearing his name, merely to witness him on the stage for his theatrical shows. Back then he was a government employee working for the Indian Railway. A better job offer and the lure of a better life brought Patol Babu and his wife to Calcutta. Everything was absolutely going fine. Patol Babu had even decided to open a club in his neighborhood. However, no sooner did he hatch this plan, than he lost his job. Post this catastrophe, Patol Babu’s luck went for a spin. He tried his best to change it- by thinking of opening a variety store and even working as an insurance agent. However, nothing worked in his favor. In the midst of his life hustle, Patol Babu’s love for acting and his theatrical skills suffered a major setback. His sole relaxation was him recollecting the lines of his older plays.

Back to the present time, the next morning, Nilkanto’s brother-in-law Naresh Dutta, arrived at Patol Babu’s place. He offered Patol Babu a small part in the film. The role was that of a pedestrian who happened to be short tempered and absent-minded. Naresh informed Patol Babu about all the nitty-gritty of the role- the way he was supposed to dress for the role, the address of the studio and when he was supposed to reach at the studio next morning (mentioning it to be 8.30 sharp). Patol Babu was more than happy to accept the role, however, his only qualm was whether the role was a speaking one or not. Hearing a positive reply for the same, Patol Babu was eager more than ever. After Naresh’s dismissal, Patol Babu mustered the news to his wife. They both took a walk down memory lane, recollecting the days when Patol Babu first started in theatre with a similarly small role.

Next morning Patol Babu arrived at the studio most promptly at eight thirty in the morning. On his arrival he witnessed a plethora of car and other vehicles as well as throngs of busy people, without the time to spare for even a glance. Patol Babu started feeling a little hot due to the jacket he was wearing as a part of his costume. Though initially, he was nowhere to be seen, Patol Babu soon saw Naresh Dutt approaching him. He appreciated Patol Babu for his punctuality. Further, he told him to find a shade for himself and wait for a turn to arrive. Patol Babu did what he was asked to do. He found refuge under the canopy of a tree. Witnessing the hustle bustle of the young people working on the set, from the distance, Patol Babu could not help but admire the sheer hard work and the dedication that went behind film making.

Patol Babu was getting worried about his dialogue delivery because he was not given the dialogues he had to deliver. He did not worry about how small the role was, he wanted to be perfect in his act. No sooner did he go on to approach a man about his query, than the shooting started. A man standing next to him to witness the shooting informed him that the hero of the film was Chanchal Kumar. Though Patol Babu did not watch as many movies, he was still aware of the person’s name. Patol Babu further enquired about the director’s name, such that he could go back and tell all the details to his wife.

After a long wait, Naresh finally arrived with Patol Babu’s dialogue. At first, Patol Babu though he was joking with him, for his script contained only a word- “oh!” Seeing him rather disappointed, Naresh told Patol Babu that he should consider himself very lucky to be a part of the film directed by the revered Baren Mallick while the hero of the film was the superstar Chanchal Kumar. This made Patol Babu a little less upset and he made a resolution to make most of the situation. As a result, he started rehearsing that one word itself in different ways to be enacted.

Patol Babu requested for a rehearsal before his shot which was denied. However, when his turn came, he was so engrossed in his act that the collision as a pedestrian seemed like a real one. Each one applauded him for his diligence and perfect timing. He was told to wait until the end of the shoot for his remuneration. However, Patol Babu quietly left the set. The acting was his passion and the appreciation was the only remuneration her needed.

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