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“To be a good professional engineer, always start to study late for exams because it teaches you how to manage time and tackle emergencies.”
-Bill Gates

Engineering has always been a discipline of much hype; the exorbitant packages offered to fresh graduates regularly makes it to the headlines and the life of an engineering student has been stereotyped for generations.What sets engineering apart from the other courses and the cause of all its hype has been a matter of controversy stemming varied opinions from outsiders. Some associate it with being lazy, others think of it as a Herculean task only meant for the brightest of individuals and some just deem all engineering aspirants future alcoholics.

The truth is, a lot of these stereotypes happen to be true and false, in that not all engineering students are party animals, neither are they all people who lock themselves up and worship textbooks. As an engineering student, you realize that your entrance ranks won’t matter in college academics; you will have to toil for your CGPA. Then, there’s the most famous belief circulated about engineering that students only study the night before the exams; which proves to be certainly true. It’s not that there’s a dearth of time; it’s just that it is kind of an accepted norm with the students following Bill Gates’ message to the T.

Engineering resides in the sweet spot between not as stressful as Medical and complete joblessness. Although it is imperative to work hard, you also get a lot of time for yourself to take part in other activities and to part take in the holistic learning process that is the holy grail of the very concept of education. You get a lot of exposure to co curricular activities through a plethora of competitions and fests. Engineering colleges also boast the best technical and cultural fests in india be it IIT Bombay’s Mood Indigo, IIT Madras’ Saarang or NIT Surathkal’s Incident.

Another important facet is the hostel life; mess food will never taste like home, no matter wherever you are. Initially, you will feel homesick but as the days pass by, you will start to think of your college as your second home. The hostel life teaches you to adapt to life’s hardships and induces a bit of humility in your heart in the process. After all, what’s a better bonding experience than to rant about the abysmal hostel to your friends?

At the end of first year, you will be stuck wondering how fast the days passed by. With a whole bag of memories and a new bunch of friends, you will head home only to return as a senior the next semester.

In the end, the life of an engineering student is an unparalleled experience, to which pop culture stereotyping does little justice.

Education has spawned many myths in India, none more so than engineering. Read about some myths about engineering education here.

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