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The term ‘Peer’ refers to the people of same age group. Peer pressure is a negative attribute that encircles mostly the life of teenagers, children, youth and sometimes adults too. It is a forceful attempt by a dominating few to make people act in a certain way. Every one of us, at some point or the other, face this situation where it gets difficult to analyze what is wrong and what is right; What is moral and what is immoral? Thus, let’s analyze as to how we can deal with what is called ‘Peer Pressure’.

Reasons for giving in to Peer Pressure

Some people become a victim to peer pressure because of the hesitation to say ‘no’ to their friends or because of the fear to be laughed out at or to be termed as a ‘looser’. Sometimes they want to present themselves as a hero by trying some new stunts without any glimpse of anxiety on their faces while actually their heart is almost beating faster than ever. Some want to try something new, especially what isn’t allowed at home or what their parents often beware them not to do. While some just don’t want to think so much and want to enjoy their lives to the fullest, so the idea is to follow what everybody is doing, leaving behind their wisdom and better judgment.

It is a common strategy by the weaker students to allure the bright ones onto the wrong path during examinations. This is mostly done by discouraging them to study and distracting them to varied sense objects. They try to safeguard themselves on the sake of other’s career.

Fencing against Peer Pressure

To fight against any disease we always have to find the root cause to the problem. If we cure any illness from the root, firstly it gets treated to the core and secondly chances of it to return become negligible. Similarly, the disease of peer pressure has to be dealt with the same art. But what is the root cause of this sickness? It is the kind of men we choose to be our associates. It is a very old saying in India, that the kind of people you be with day and night, you start becoming alike to them in habits.

So the first step to defense is to safeguard yourself from bad company. Bad company can be personified in the form of drunkards, chain smokers, drug addicts, womanizers, merciless, selfish and those inhuman. And at the second step we should try to be around those who have a strong foundation as to intelligence, decision making, will power, contentment and a well laid moral education value system.

At the third step, giving light on the fact, that sometimes even a strongly built fence is smashed by wild animals. In that situation what is going to be our protection? In that case, our inner strength, firm belief, knowledge and self confidence will help us from diving into the pool of faults which often leads to a lifetime repentance and atonement.

Fourth and the foremost guard is to never let your life to be a secret. Children mostly start hiding things out of shame to disclose something peculiar or when they fear to be scolded. Here parents and teachers have a vital role to play. They should always keep themselves open with a broad mind and a sense of understanding which will help bridging the gap between the young ones and them.

Powerful, Positive peer pressure

Peer pressure is not always bad. Positive peer pressure can act the other way round i.e. it can pressure the bullies to behave nicely with others. It can motivate the rest of the group to be united against the wrong doers and always stand by in support of what is fair and what is virtuous.

Studying with good friends who don’t pressure you will help you a lot. And just because someone says something it doesn’t necessarily become the truth. Be careful of what advice to take and what to let go.

Best luck 🙂

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