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A question that probably lingers in the mind of every student is “How do I become perfect in exam preparation?” The answer to this question is like an asymptote to a curve – you cannot exactly reach it, but you can get close to it. To ace your exams, you need to perfect your exam preparation techniques.

Tips for Exam Preparation

So, the question boils down to “Can I attain perfection?” Once we understand the nature of the questions, the answers will be clear to us automatically as perfection is a state of mind. If you become complacent about what perfection means to you, it will hold you back from trying harder. But remember that you have the power to constantly push the boundaries!

Here are some handy tips to help you with exam preparation:

Work Smarter, Not Harder

It is not entirely about hard work, and you must understand this. I have seen people work their lives off with not-so-satisfying results in the end. Are they doing everything wrong? No, of course not. But are they doing everything right? Again, no. While hard work is necessary for success, it is not sufficient for success! Let this sink in for a while and concentrate more on working smart.

Pragmatic Approach

You must be able to put all your skills to the test. By this, I mean, use the right skills at the right time. For example, if you are preparing for Inorganic Chemistry, just solving questions after mugging the concepts won’t work. Instead, you should first start from basic NCERT textbooks, then move to understanding equations and finally start solving questions based on the logic you have understood so far.

Stop Procrastinating

No pain, no gain – a golden saying that is the truest in this situation. If you procrastinate, you will not make it to the finish line. The time of preparation for competitive exams after your school is the most testing for a student and it should be utilized efficiently. The feeling of satisfaction you achieve after giving the exams successfully is far greater than what you imagine. Work hard for that happiness and don’t procrastinate a lot.

Practice, & More Practice

Solve sample papers regularly. It is important to understand the specific difficulties that any exam may have. Time management and the skill of choosing the right questions during the exam time can only be acquired if we practice with the actual conditions. Simulation of the exam at least once every week can be an added advantage to your preparation. Along with it, one must also solve the previous years’ papers. It makes the candidate familiar with the kind of questions that are asked in the exam. A student gets an idea of the type and difficulty level as well.

Ask Questions

It is important to discuss and clear your doubts the moment they arise. When people begin their competitive exam preparations, it is usually done in the last two years of school. At the beginning of this period, many people tend to feel shy of asking doubts to their teachers and clarifying their problems. Keeping everything to yourself will make things worse for you right from early stages.

Learn from Your Mistakes

Accept the mistakes you make. Take your time and understand the reasons behind them. So, the next time you attend a similar question, you will remember not to make the same mistake again. Focus more on your strengths to increase your confidence. This point is very important and not to be taken lightly. This simple exercise might help you a lot in terms of facing the difficult phases during preparations.

Say NO to ‘Peer Pressure’

Do not succumb to pressure and use criticism to motivate yourself. Convert your weakness into strengths this way. Remember, in an exam, if you feel the paper is difficult, it is going to be the same for all the students who are writing with you.


Take time out to enjoy yourself once in a while. Read books, play your favorite games, talk to your friends – all these little things help manage stress.

In the end, perseverance is the key. Never lose focus on your goals. Keep in mind your ultimate destination and do not give up along the way. Remember that even a thousand hands cannot cover the light of the sun.

Remember, time management is the key.Whatever method you follow, you must introspect to see if your chosen technique is effective. Keep learning and improving to maximize the effectiveness. Consult people about your strategy and know how to balance your workload. In this way, even if you fumble along the way, you know how to get back on your feet. It is not impossible to perfect an exam preparation. If done right, anything is possible.

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