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Physics is easily the most amazing branch of science. The best thing about physics as a realm of science is that it tries to explain each and every occurrence through reason. There are reasons for everything that happens in the universe. Physics has been further divided into several branches of physics like classical physics and modern physics. As physics studies several phenomena in detail, many of them quite intriguing. Interestingly, there are many ways, you can conjure up tricks who appears like magic, but are phenomena which have been clearly explained in physics. To those people who are not aware of these physical occurrences, it appears to be trick. All these tricks are the outcome of some of the concepts of physics like optics, static charge, magnetic flux and many more.

Impress one and all with these 5 physics tricks

  • Get a boiled egg through the bottle with a small hole

    Can you insert a boiled egg inside a glass jar which has an opening which is slightly smaller than the egg. All you need is a boiled egg, a glass jar or bottle and matchbox. Put a few burning match sticks in the glass bottle and immediately put the boiled egg (shell removed) on the opening. The egg will squeeze its way inside the glass bottle. What exactly happens is that burning match sticks decrease the air pressure inside the bottle, the external air, thus exerts the pressure on the egg which makes it slide down the bottle.

  • Make an unbreakable egg

    We all know that eggs are fragile and can break if dropped. However, you can render an egg unbreakable. Take a cling film and wrap around the egg, thus making few layers. After that, hold the egg in your palm and wrap your fingers around it evenly. The egg will not break. This is because, the shell, although fragile has a very strong shape. Even if force is applied to the egg, it will not break.

  • Pierce a skewer through an inflated balloon

    You can insert a skewer across an inflated balloon. Guessing how? Dip the skewer in washing liquid and insert from the open area which is used to blow air inside the balloon. You will notice that the skewer penetrates inside the balloon without causing it to burst or deflate all of a sudden. You have to make sure that you pierce the skewer at the thickest part of the balloon.

  • Trick with an empty wine bottle

    Watch the wine go up the bottle against the gravity. Empty a wine bottle in a bowl, leaving very little wine in the bottle. Heat the bottle in a microwave and upon heating, bring the mouth of the bottle in contact with the wine in the bottle. You will see the wine coming up inside the bottle. This trick is all about air pressure.

  • Plasma inside microwave

    All you need is a matchstick, a glass of wine and a microwave. Put a burning match stick in the microwave and tell your friend to put a glass of wine on the matchstick. Turn on the microwave and see the plasma ball inside the glass.

You can use all these tricks to impress your friends who will be quizzed at seeing them unaware of how you performed it. These tricks will also help you understand some of the concepts of physics with ease. You will feel on the top of the world, when your friends will hail you as junior Newton or Einstein as you show them interesting physics tricks. However, some of these tricks involving the microwave can be risky and must do with great care. The rest of the tricks are quite easy and demonstrate the concepts of physics in an interesting manner.

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