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So you sat through two years of organic chemistry and coordinate geometry and actually learnt how to use them. You did your best (or not) at your entrances and got into a decent-ish college (or not). Congrats, I hope. After spending a month using various rank predictors and a week after that cursing the accuracy or rank “predictors”, you have calmed down and have finally gotten used to the image of spending four (or five) years in that college. Now you arrive at the inevitable crossroads – picking your engineering college.

But is it that simple? Is choosing your future alma mater that straightforward – SHOULD it be that straightforward? This is one of the most complicated albeit most important choices that one has to make. The best way to go about this is to list out the various aspects of the college and see if it passes (most of) the tests. In my experience, there are four major things you need to focus on while picking your engineering college.

Picking Your Engineering College: Things To Remember

One of the things that affect an engineer’s career is the reputation of the college he or she graduated from. No matter how badly you resent this fact, graduating from an IIT has a much greater weightage as opposed to another less popular one. Of course what really matters is your skill and your motivation but companies don’t really care now, do they? If you don’t know much about colleges, there are plenty of rankings and surveys done by many organisations available.

Of course you do need to look at the college’s history. Go online and look for stuff like placement statistics and number of people who get into reputed universities for their post graduate studies. These things are essentially the core aspirations of any engineering student and must be considered while choosing your college. DO NOT blindly jump on board just by looking at the branding and the external image of a college. Also, as a side note, I strongly advise you to glance at the fee structure of the college. You don’t want to make an investment you’ll regret later.

One of the most crucial things you need to look out for are living conditions and the climate, especially if it’s a college in another city. Think about whether you’d want to spend four years in those conditions or not.

Lastly, we come to what I believe is quintessential in your quest for the right decision. Just like all major decisions in life, gossip is perhaps the most influential and arguably most beneficial if used in the right way. College webpages and advertisements only give you so much intel. Take my word for it when I say that information gathered from teachers, friends, Quora, Google and that neighbourhood aunty are invaluable. Gossip is what lets you know what’s under the skin of an institution and reveals its deepest secrets. It can tell you if the college has a drug problem or if its elaborate placement based advertising campaign is just a sham.

But most of all, follow your heart. Following the herd or going with the flow is not always a good idea. Sometimes, you’ll just  have to go with your gut instinct and hope it all plays out okay in the future. It actually works, sometimes.

Along with choosing the college, there’s also the important question of choosing your branch. Read more about choosing your branch here.

All the best!

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