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First Week Of College: An Important Transition!

Your first week of college is crucial in many aspects. After the long vacations and comforts of home, start of college will be a sudden change for you. It takes time for one to adapt to the new surroundings, people and lifestyle. That’s why you have to plan your first week of college intelligently.

It may be the first time for most of you to be away from home and taking care of yourselves. You feel free and responsible for yourself and the curiosity about the college world about which you might have been fantasizing so much will be exciting you. Here are a few things to take care of for the first seven days of what is going to be a wonderful period of your life.

Complete documentations and get memberships

The first and foremost thing you should be doing is to get done with all official documentation regarding your admission, scholarship and other related procedures. Different colleges have different schedule and procedure for membership in mess, college library, sports etc. and it is your duty to get everything cleared up before you settle in, else it might turn to be a headache later.

Acquire books

Get the details of the course plan and books required for your entire semester and acquire them ASAP.  Get in touch with some seniors for the textbooks, get it from the college library, or find a store nearby where they rent textbooks for a semester. Getting them after a few weeks is going to be tougher than you expect. The right seniors can also help you with previous year question papers and notes, so make sure you grab their attention before they get busy with their own matters. Also, acquire the soft copies of the various study materials. Be smart to get these done soon.


Plan and make a routine

Plan your days well. Get started with a proper timetable and follow it. Most probably, classes in your college just start from the first day on, and unlike school, will progress fast. So, better keep track of your studies. This will give you an edge over those who burn midnight oil just before quizzes. Just don’t get into gaming or sit idle with your smartphones or laptops for the first week, you’ll have plenty of time later.

Build your friends-circle

Get to know people around you and be comfortable with them. Start random conversations and make friends. Those are the guys who will be there for you for your entire time in the college. Don’t exclude yourself from the crowd. The first days in college are much easier to survive if you have people watching your back than doing all on your own. Importantly, don’t consider yourself superior or inferior to your buddies. Just co-exist and there you go!

Attend college and club programmes

There will be orientation programmes organized by various clubs in your college. They are meant for you and are what give you a feel of the college and induce ideas for the rest of your college days. Make sure you don’t miss those out.

Be mature

Finally, don’t jump to conclusions that college is for booze and drugs. Just don’t start it or even try it. Also, it’s better you don’t hook up in the first week itself. Take time to find the right one. You are not that school kid anymore, so be mature.

College days are what defines your life then after. Not just academics and degree, but the friends and the habits you pick up. So start with your first week of college carefully, and then why not, enjoy your days!

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