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 Planning Your Exam Days:

Examinations are the most integral part of our student lives and its not just the testing phase of the subjects that we have learnt but it also examines our patience and intellect level. The smartest way to match the perfect score in examinations requires us to be vigilant at all costs. Your exam days need to be planned to the second. To achieve the targets and the score we prepare to tie ourselves up in a tight schedule, which is practically created to not be followed. Ironically, we always fail as in a fit of motion we prepare an exclusive schedule that is strict, apt and result oriented. But as human beings we are entitled to distractions and are vulnerable which leads us to break the result-oriented schedule.

What makes us breach the schedule is a complete different story altogether and is a debate in itself. If you want to see yourself in the top ranks of the college or in your class then commitment towards a timetable or a schedule is necessary. Which does not mean that you stick to the table and chair for long hours, what you need is a friendly daily schedule that ensures optimum utility of time.

Below mentioned are the tips that can be followed easily and if obeyed assures results:

Streamline your priorities

 Hard work is really important but hard work should be done efficiently and smartly. Being a workhorse would pay in a long time but working smartly would pay forever.

Analyze your faulty areas

Normally preparing a schedule require starting from A, but learning and practicing the weak subjects first is more important and also is the need of the hour.

Bring creativity to schedule

You don’t have to be hard on yourself to get the results ASAP. Think of a sport of your choice and include it in your schedule as mind needs a break and that break does not mean watching movies, videos and playing video games.

A sample schedule for your exam days:

6:00 AM: Say Hello to the sun before he does: Early to bed, early to rise fits here nicely. Wake up around 6 am. It is not too early and not too late.

6:00-6:20 AM: Stretch your laziness out: Everyone is not a morning person so in the starting days you can do some small stretching exercises for good 20 minutes.

6:21 AM-9:00AM: Challenge the your difficult subjects: You are fresh so kick start your learning with the most difficult subjects or topics. Morning will favor you entirely.

9:00 AM-10:00 AM: This is my time: Get fresh, have breakfast or have a good run. It’s your time utilize it efficiently.

10:00AM-12:00AM: Still morning, make the best of it: Whatever you learnt, practice it or revise it. If the syllabus is hard on you then start learning another topic.

12:00 PM-1: 30PM: Nap Time: Energy gone should be saved. Take a good sleep and refresh yourself.

1:30 PM-2:00 PM: Fuel yourself up: Have lunch and fuel yourself with healthy food that doesn’t make you lazy.

2:00- 6:00 PM: Coaching: This bracket can be utilized for coaching classes or if not then you can utilize it for studying the practical part of the topics. Or you can study the topics and subjects that you wish to study.

6:00 PM- 7:30 PM: Give yourself a break: A sports of your choice will do wonders for you and will revamp your energy.

7:30-8:30 PM: Dinner and Distraction: Fuel yourself for the late night study and watch some television.

8:30 PM-12: 30AM: Burn the midnight oil: This is the main part of the day where you can utilize your energy to the fullest.

We can assure you that following the above tips will help you a lot during your exam days!

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