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To achieve the designated milestones and for achieving our targets, we have to constantly strive towards improving ourselves while also preparing for the unforeseen challenges that we might face. And in this process, its crucial to monitor our progress regularly and to take appropriate steps for rectifying our mistakes. Likewise, our progress while preparing for any examination can be inferred only by simulating the exam-like conditions and testing ourselves under it. Therefore, a student should spend sufficient time in the practice tests, and should carefully analyze his/her performance.

Understanding Positive Feedback

Many a time, we set very high goals for ourselves and when we achieve them, we feel overjoyed and greatly satisfied with our work and the subsequent result. Such a state of mind can be termed as a ‘positive feedback’. Various researches and studies have shown that positive feedback, i.e., feeling happy with your results, is a strong driving force and a great booster for excelling  forward, in contrast to the negative feedback.  Positive feedback helps us to realize that we are working towards strong, positive goals, and teaches us to appreciate ourselves for our strengths. Our brain also responds to such positive feedback by releasing ‘endorphins’ and that is how we perceive the feeling of being joyous. The innate ability in humans to adapt to their needs and to excel forward is bolstered by how confident, encouraged, and motivated we feel; and this is possible only by duly and aptly providing positive feedback to ourselves.

Giving The Feedback Yourself

In order to strike a fine balance between some serious preparation and not feeling burnt out simultaneously at the same time, a student also has to learn to appropriately reward and appreciate his/her own work from time to time. This can be done by carefully observing whether the student meets his or her desired targets regularly, and if yes, the whether the student can reward himself or herself for the same or not. The rewards in this context can be as simple as getting small study-breaks, or indulging in a favorite snack, or spending time with friends or books, or even enjoying a particular sport. Such rewards immensely help in the overall relaxation, mental and physical stress relief, and even appropriate time management as well. Furthermore, these rewards will gradually create a cycle wherein the student repeatedly gets self-motivated to go back towards the preparation stage for doing well again, and thus achieves the preset targets to earn the corresponding rewards.

By carefully rewarding yourself for your sincere and efficient hard-work, you can reassure yourself that you will experience the bliss of ‘positive feedback’ while going through the arduous journey of exam preparation stage. This will ensure that you will always move forward while enjoying the processes of learning as well as understanding your inherent strengths and weaknesses.

Challenges While Feedbacking Yourself

Although positive feedback is often motivating, it can also make us feel complacent sometimes. Therefore, one has to carefully analyze and set incremental goals in such a way, that each goal is easily achievable and subsequently leads to the next goal. This approach of step-by-step target setting in a pragmatic manner can lead to better results than the approach of directly aiming at very high results with a high-risk of it leading to negative feedback in case of a failure.

Another important point to consider is the feedback’s ‘quality versus quantity’ aspect. To avoid feeling lethargic, we have to ensure that our targets are always improving qualitatively while we move forward in our academic preparations. We should always try to strive for achieving bigger and better results than what we have done before, and this experience would be extremely rewarding at the end.


Its pretty obvious that all of us like being appreciated for our hard-work and sincere efforts. And becoming the best judge ourselves for understanding and analyzing what motivates us and keeps us going, we can move further towards the self-actualization while achieving all our dreams and ambitions.

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