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Thought is one of the most important and distinct features which distinguishes the ability of humans from all the other living things. This thinking is extremely significant for the evolution and development of society. Thought is actually a power and gift of mankind in the creation of this universe. This power can provoke a revolution and it is this power which can help one to become an entrepreneur. It can just as well cause events that have massive ramifications all over the globe. This is where the importance of positive thinking comes in.

In the understanding of sciences, philosophy and theology, there is a a balance of positive and negative energy which maintains nature’s cycle. There has to be an equitable balance of negativity and positivity to maintain the equation of sustainability in the universe. While analyzing the above points one may think about the external factors and environmental changes but we need to know that these are also relevant with relation to psychology and thought processes. Your thoughts form the foundation of your life and it is the positive or the negative thinking which mostly transforms into action.

The problem is actually ‘worry’. It perpetuates stress and negativity in a person. This attitude of worrying for everything and anything kills the zeal and enthusiasm for life within the person. It affects ones speech which in turn affects the emotions and feelings of the other person. One must try to break the habit of worry and analyze points rationally.

It is important to try and give an optimistic angle to whatever comes in life. For this, one very important aspect is philosophy. Understand that every thing happens for a reason. If we take this attitude towards events, we can learn valuable lessons from every thing that happens with us which helps us in improving ourselves.
Life has its own shares of sorrows and happiness. This too is to maintain a balance in our thoughts and also for developing strength to face all the circumstances of life.

You may be a student, a working professional or you may be any individual in this world but the significance of positive thinking remains indispensable and also one of the key formula to achieve your goals in life successfully.
There are some elements associated with positive thinking. They are peace, inner strength and self-reflection. It is only a peaceful mind which can think rationally. From small issues to international relations, peace acts as the first step to positivity. When it comes to individual level, there is a need to draw on one’s inner strength which helps in self-reflection. We must introspect on our personal strengths and weaknesses realistically. What is the best course of action for a situation? What can become better? A blocked mind can never open up to ideas and analysis. This itself becomes an obstacle to let positivity into one’s personality. Cultivating positivity as a habit with these points presents a bit of a teething trouble but once understood fully, it gives a new perspective on life, making it vibrant and colourful.

Imagine you are in a circumstance where you are stuck in the most horibble traffic and there is no scope of any clearance for at least three hours. There can be two ways one can handle this situation. The person can curse all the forces, deities and his own destiny, criticise the infrastructure, and abuse the driver unnecessarily. But there is also another way to manage this situation. The person knows that the traffic is at its peak and he has to be in the car for a long time. The person will think in his mind ‘ I will reach my destination for sure. I will definitely reach.’ And then for the remaining time read, write, listen to music, watch a movie on phone. The second instance teaches us that positivity also has a deep association with confidence and calmness. Trying to be calm is the foundation of developing positivity. And then the most important point after that is repeated practising to be calm and composed in all situations. This helps in cultivating the will power and rationality to get into the deeper aspects of any situation. Another facet is also spirituality which does help to a great extent.

I would like to end with one of the stories of Gautama Buddha and his disciple. His disciple was given a task to find out a family where there is no sorrow. The disciple failed in finding one. This is sufficient to explain the essence of life!

Numerous philosophers all over the world have laid emphasis on positive thinking. Read about Pythagoras’ take on it positive thinking here!

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