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There are several ways in which you can make a career decision. “How well have you fared in that area so far?” could be one. “What scope does it have to offer – both monetary & self-satisfactory?” could be another. Be it pre medical or be it engineering – or rather, premedical vs engineering, as many of us find out after 10th – you are about to enter college life for the first time. So, it’d be filled with realizations, friendships & a lot of learning. But long before entering any college, you have to decide what your choice of college is going to be. Let us offer you an idea of about premedical vs engineering – what life offers before and after.

Premedical Vs Engineering: A Detailed Comparison

Let’s solve this debate of ‘Premedical vs Engineering’ by considering one at a time.


Culture of any college is more or less similar as far as friends are concerned. You get exposed to students from all over the country. Your seniors will offer you best guidance through their experiences in the college. You will learn to deal with people.

Competition can get fierce. Of course, academic performance is given much importance, but it does not end there. There are a plethora of cultural & sports activities too. There are inter hostel competitions then there are inter college competitions both in sports and culture. You can add a lot to your bag of skills through these such as teamwork, leadership skills, time management etc. All this helps you build a good profile for final placements.

You will learn to find a balance between stuff in your life. No matter how rigorous it becomes, college will definitely be your second home. You will make your best friends here, maybe even a life partner.

Scope & Future
Both Engineering & Premedical offer almost the same scope. But, Engineers tend to experiment more career wise, compared to doctors. In both Engineering & Medical, while there is scope for higher studies in best universities & fairly good paying professional life, there is no guarantee for the same. Reason being that it depends on how hard you work for the respective.

Tradition – Jobs & Higher Studies
Most general trend observed among engineers is that they go fora job after college. Most high paying jobs on offer are of Software/App development, Consulting profile , Analyst profile, Core sciences/R&D or Operations. With so many startups coming these days, job opportunities, with competitive pay, have improved a lot for engineers.

Almost every engineering student goes for internships/vocational training during term break. If they do well during the internship, they might land a PPO – Pre-Placement Offer.

Another very common path engineers go for is of higher studies vis-a-vis Masters or PhD. Generally, their field of M.S./PhD is related to their academic projects/internships during engineering. While generally their choice of university is somewhere abroad, some engineers go for M.Tech/PhD in India as well.

Engineers love detours! After testing the waters, students choose to go for different career options such as Administrative jobs, through UPSC exams, or follow their passion such as music.

Some students feel that just engineering isn’t enough & go for highest studies such as an MBA /PGDBA. This improves job opportunities on the platter for them. Some even go for CFA level 1,2,3 exams. This opens door of jobs in finance for them.

Starting Up
Some Engineers start up their own companies after/during their college. They are so passionate about their idea that sometimes they even opt out of their cushy jobs to start up. Reasons given to this is mostly for the ownership & independence in work. Some great examples are Mark Zuckerberg founder Facebook, Sachin & Binny Bansal founders Flipkart etc.


Premedical Studies


Culturally, colleges are very much similar to each other. You make a lot of friends. You aren’t addressed by your name. You get a nickname, and not a cool one. Your seniors help you a lot. There are many cultural & sports activities/competitions.

Despite the many similarities, Medical College can get a bit more interesting. The first time students are shown a cadaver, someone passes out without doubt & doubts. Adding to this are calls from distant relatives seeking your opinion on their illness. In the beginning, you may find them difficult. But, as you grow as a doctor, you’d love these calls.

Apart from what you learn about human body, you learn a lot about ownership mindset too. Medical internship are described as very difficult yet memorable time. You don’t have much experience of dealing with patients. You feel emergency cases, in presence and sometimes even in absence of a doctor. You have to take a decision. Internships make you very much responsible.

The one thing special about medical college is that no matter what, you successfully find a reason to make yourself a doctor.


Scope in Medical Studies is as competitive as Engineering. A discussion on scope & career follows.

The most common path followed by doctors after MBBS is MS/MD/Diploma. This is generally to attain specialization in a field such as Obstetrics & gynaecology, General Surgery etc. Specialized doctors are always in demand, so describing its scope will always an understatement.

Some medical students also go for CMS, an exam conducted by the UPSC. If one gets through this, they get a permanent job with the government & as a doctor. There are also other good options such as Clinical research in institutes such as ICMR, CCMB, AIIMS etc.

UPSC is again a detour option chosen by many medical students. Although very rare compared to Engineers, MBA is increasing amongst medical students. But, MBA is a more suited option for engineers compared to doctors.

Starting Up
Starting a new company is not as common as with engineers. But, if there’s a company based start up in field of medical, ideally it should be medical students. It’d be wrong to say that Doctors don’t start up at all. As a matter of fact, Doctors working independently are entrepreneurs in their own way.


Worth Pondering

This post is to help you decide between Pre-Medical and Engineering as a career option. Being a doctor is the noblest profession one can have. An engineer is someone who creates or brings about. It can be creating a technology, a tool etc. Google, Automobiles, e-commerce, Fuel etc. are all a product of hard work from an or a team of engineers. Basically an engineer provides solutions to problems faced by the society. All problems except a health problem they face. This undoubtedly should be topmost problem we face. For such problems, we have doctors. So, your decision should ideally be based on what problem would you like to solve in future if it is between these two. It should be based on what will give you satisfaction. If it’s neither premedical nor engineering which could offer you that, you don’t have to force yourself into these. This post tackles the problem – premedical vs engineering question, your life need not do that.

The only reason why these are celebrated professions is because of a misguided societal notion dutifully passed on to us. The notion that Engineers & Doctors earn a lot. This is true, but very partially, especially today. Money can be earned easily. Shouldn’t then it be earned doing what you love the most. After all, A Career is wonderful, but you can’t curl up with it on a cold night. – Marylin Monroe.

Engineering and medical are great careers. However, they are not the only ones. Read here, about how you can pick a career for yourself after 10th standard. Hope this article offered some insight into Premedical vs Engineering.

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