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How Can I Prepare for JEE Along with First Year of College?

Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) is considered one of the toughest exams of all times, and truly it has stood the tests of time to keep this title to itself. When one goes through questions from IIT-JEE (that is what it was called back then) two decades ago, the standard of questions, the analytic and concept level was as tough and complicated as it is today. No wonder this examination garners the best of the minds throughout the nation and puts their abilities and skills to test. In a technique of filtering the cream of the nation, it often happens that some of us are left behind and miss the cut by a very minute margin. Joining another institute while you prep yourself for another try could be a wise and safe move on your part, but requires clever planning. Read on!


Begin with the notes and books for JEE which helped you in the previous years, as without them it will be difficult to sit for JEE again.

  • Collect all your JEE study material, old test series, tutorials, assignments and study packages and keep them with you.
  • Try to find out which study material didn’t work out the last time, or maybe you need a more in-depth analysis for your concepts.
  • Have a thorough analysis of all your concepts and find the pitfalls, or maybe just consult your friends who qualified JEE. Visit your tutors and let them guide you through the process.
  • Always read the recommended text. Don’t waste time on those books that are not very good from the JEE point of view. You can get a list of recommended texts easily. You can also refer to our article over here about 8 must-have JEE (Advanced) book.


Approach 1

Get previous years’ question papers with answers and start solving them. If you get stuck on a particular question, make a note of it and follow these simple steps:

  • Look for the solved answer in the paper. If you can understand the solutions, then you may proceed ahead after making sure you understood the concept. If not,
  • Then search for those topics in your notes, revise them and see if you can solve them now. If you can, then again, you may proceed. If not,
  • Then look into the books, solve some related questions and attempt again.

Do this for at least previous 5 -6 years’ question papers. Some questions will be difficult to crack even after repeated attempts. Mark them for future reference and don’t get worried. You will find that these often do not carry high marks and are only inserted to take up your time.

The benefit of this technique of studying is that you don’t waste time on your strong areas. Rather you devote your time to improving upon your weaknesses. Also, this approach takes relatively less amount of time so that you can give time to your first-year courses also. The more you analyse your faults and loopholes in concepts, the more efficient will this process be. 

Approach 2

There is another way of attacking the situation.

  • Pick out two subjects you like better or feel more confident about.
  • Complete those two subjects, thoroughly with the help of notes, books, and previous years’ question papers. For the third subject, use Approach 1.
  • If you wish, you can join a good test series for JEE (Main) and/or (Advanced). It will give you a reality check on your preparations and drive you to conclusions as to where you stand. These techniques will help you save time unlike the approach of mugging up all the three subjects. More so, these techniques will bring your weaknesses in front of you, and accepting them and working on them is the only way to improve your preparation.

Returning back to the process of preparing for JEE can be a real mental struggle and requires a lot of will power and persistence. Do not lose heart on failures and set short term goals to achieve them on daily basis. JEE is not rocket science, but it is not for the poorly organized too! Work hard and do not worry about your results. All the best!

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