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Previous Year Papers for CBSE Class 12 Commerce:

For students who pick Commerce, it is a field of Numbers, Business, Economy, Money, Data, Finance, Accounts and Commercial study. In this article, read about the importance and use of previous year papers for CBSE class 12 commerce.

The main subjects that are covered in the Commerce stream in Class 11 and 12 are:

  • Accountancy
  • Economics
  • Business Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Informatics Practices
  • English

Of which the first three subjects are the core subjects and a student will encounter these in both the years. Commerce however, revolves around these three subjects. Varying from school to school in replacement of subject Mathematics there can be Dance, Psychology, History, Music, etc.


The board meticulously prepares specific syllabus for each subject and tries to incorporate every aspect of the subject whether basic or advance for the all-round development and knowledge of the student. The board also provides suitable question papers to evaluate students’ knowledge in a thorough manner. Not only this, it makes required changes in the syllabus from time to time and keeps the syllabus and the students updated with the working of the Commerce field.

Moreover, the board makes its syllabus and question papers available online for the convenience of students. The students may download these question papers and get adequate practice before attempting the actual board exam. This not only builds the confidence of the student but helps them to make their own SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) analysis. This enhances his performance in every mock trial until the board exams appear.

Given below are the attached previous year papers for CBSE class 12 commerce. The first three being the CORE subjects.


Accountancy is a fascinating subject, which comes under commerce stream. Accountancy has a great demand in the job-oriented field as this subject teaches students the process to make financial statements and the important accounting entries and maintenance of various records and books of accounts. The board conducts required research and based on that, it incorporates all necessary topics in the syllabus. The board has a well-evaluated and comprises of all possible accountancy terms and working. The board amends each syllabus at regular intervals as per the trend and introduces any new or better ways that have been encountered or invented in the course of making accounting easy. And based on this, it makes each question paper suitably. Being one of the Core subjects of Commerce, students will study this subject in class 11 & 12. The CBSE board provides suitable question papers for Accountancy based on the current and updated syllabus. Students can find below the attachments of the question papers of previous years given in 3 sets. Solving previous year papers for CBSE class 12 commerce for accountancy will be a smart move! Find a few sample papers here.


Economics is an important subject for students studying commerce which is included in the syllabus designed for class 12 commerce. Students, who are pursuing their studies under the CBSE board, get well-structured syllabus. After having studied about the economy, growth, developments, data- collection, organisation and analysis, globalisation, infrastructure, etc. in class 11, class 12 commerce CBSE deals with the Macroeconomics part. Macroeconomics as the word suggests includes topics which are related to the economy as whole and includes every induvial and organisation. The CBSE class 12 Economics syllabus consolidates all the necessary and important concepts under this head. The CBSE board assesses students’ learning requirements and according to that, it prepares each question paper which are quite helpful to evaluate students’ understanding. Students can solve the question paper to get a run through and a practice before he/she appears for the boards. Find some sample papers over here.


Business studies is the third core subject of the commerce stream. Students will study this subject in class 12 also. The CBSE board has inculcated a well-researched syllabus which explains the working of the commerce world for better and brief understanding for a student. The board offers well-structured and integrated syllabus for business studies to have an overall knowledge regarding the study of business. The syllabus incorporates the management functions, marketing strategies and consumer protection. Thus, the board provides suitable question papers that include questions framed in a manner that assesses students’ expertise and evaluates student’s learning needs. To understand the types of questions asked students are advised to use previous year question papers to brush up their knowledge before final exams. Students can collect the question paper given below.


Informatics Practices is a vital subject for the commerce stream. This subject is taught in class 12 CBSE. Students, who are pursuing commerce stream, can take a deeper look in this subject. The syllabus gives students knowledge about the computer system and peripherals, database creation, programming and also includes project assignment. The CBSE board has designed well-structured syllabus and suitable question papers for this subject. The board modifies its syllabus from time to time and based on that, it prepares question papers in every academic session to keep the students updated with the trend. CBSE question papers for class 12 informatics practices are referred as a good learning resource. Below you will find the attachment of the previous year question paper to get a brief idea of how the questions of a newly added subject are framed.


CBSE class 12 commerce has a fifth paper which has options offered out of which one has to pick the one of its interest. Students have to choose from, subjects like Physical Education, Mathematics, Computer Science and English, which is also essential to clear your Class 12 Commerce Board Exams. The subject options are not directly related to commerce field but they are important topics more on a general basis. The question papers framed are all inclusive and related to the syllabus provided under the board for the purpose.

Given below are the PDF attachments of the previous year papers for CBSE class 12 commerce, in the sequence of the above given subjects. Accountancy, Economics and Business studies has three different sets of question papers of which the student has to attempt the set that is given to him/her by carefully filling up the details correctly. The next two subjects have just one set of question paper which is available to all the students and they have to try and attempt all the questions for better scoring. These papers will give a through idea and practice to the student who will appear the board exams for the year 2018.



Previous year question papers

business studies

business-studies-3 business-studies-2 business-studies-1


economics-3 economics-2 economics-1

informatics practice



accountancy-3 accountancy-2 accountancy-1-1



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