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One of the biggest obstacles a teacher faces is classroom management. It takes a teacher years of experience to effectively learn and implement classroom management. Let us discuss about the priorities of classroom management and how to manage these priorities.

Top 5 Priorities of Classroom Management

Classroom management is one of the toughest tasks a teacher faces. It is the cornerstone to structuring a positive environment for the students. And to effectively manage a classroom, a teacher has to prioritize their tasks. Let us take a look at the five components of classroom management that will establish structure and encourage positive behavior from the students.

1] Develop Relationships with the Students

The most important aspect of classroom management is the relationship shared between the teacher and the student. It is the cornerstone of a happy and effective classroom. Students must feel calm and confident around their teachers, not scared or uneasy.

Hence, the teacher must work towards strengthening these relations with individual students. Taking interest in them as individuals, praising them in success, encouraging them in failures, spending time with them individually and getting to know them are all great steps towards building this relationship.

2] Train your Students

Every student has their own unique learning curve and pace. The teacher cannot expect all students to have a homogeneous response to their lesson and teaching method. However, you can help the students by clearly mapping out your learning techniques so that they can adapt it for themselves.

For example talk to the students about the benefits of notes making, mind maps, mnemonic devices, etc. and teach them the correct way to follow the techniques. When the students see their importance and advantages, they will willingly apply it to their study plans.

3] Effective Time Management

One of the most important aspects of classroom management is efficiency. The more time spent on learning, the better the academic performance of the students. So the teacher has to make the best use of the limited time they have with the class.

One way to increase efficiency in the classroom is to ensure that the transition from one lesson to the next is swift and efficient, without wasting any time. Avoiding distractions and disruptions is one of the key priorities of effective classroom management.

4] A Well Written Lesson Plan

To ensure that the entire syllabus is covered efficiently and that the students have understood the concepts a well thought-out lesson plan is a must. The teacher must therefore focus a lot of time and energy in lesson planning. The focus should be to get the students to ask the right questions and also be able to answer the questions themselves by the end of the lesson.

Teaching on-the-fly usually means that the educator is not able to cover all aspects of the lesson. They cannot plan for the questions the students will ask and thus cannot answer them perfectly. Also, the teacher will not be able to cover all the teaching techniques and methods without a pre-thought plan. So one of the main priorities of classroom management is lesson planning.

5] Establish Behavioral Standards

This goes hand-in-hand with training your students. While it is important to teach them how to learn in the classroom, it is also important to teach them how to behave in the classroom. The teachers must encourage positive behavior in their students that promotes learning. They must also make it clear that negative behavior will have certain consequences. Respecting other students and teachers, clear and polite communication and a positive outlook towards learning are the main points to drive home.

As teachers go through the school year, they may need to re-prioritize as per the requirements and the performances of the students. The teacher has to be responsive and adaptive to student behavior throughout the year. And so a more flexible approach is best.

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