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Requirements from a Counsellor

A counsellor goes through a lot of rigorous training and practice to become an efficient counsellor. Both the personal and professional qualities of a good counsellor carry equal importance. They must be well equipped in order to help the people adjust and lead a happy life. Most importantly, the counsellor must have two types of data for effective counselling. Firstly, they must have access to the background aptitudes, accomplishments, and interests of their client. In addition, they must possess the skill to interpret this data efficiently. Secondly, they must be able to identify the area where the counselee seeks their assistance.

qualities of a good counsellor

In order to be able to make use of both the data, the counsellor must be able to perform certain functions and acquire specific skills and qualifications. All this allows them to reach their potential and develop their skills. After earning certain qualifications a person is eligible to become a counsellor. Moreover, after this qualification, they acquire qualities in their training period. After that, a counsellor is able to perform functions which help their patients lead a healthier life. Thus, an effective counsellor must have all the three things to maintain an efficient practice.

Functions of a Counsellor

A professional counsellor is a certified person who addresses the needs of their patients comprehensively. Their main motive is to help the patient come face to face with their problems and deal with them accordingly. Counsellors are specialists in human behaviour which allows them to offer help to their clients efficiently. The main functions of a counsellor are as follows:

  • Help a person face their troubles
  • Identify the areas in which the patient/client requires help
  • Evaluate the cause of the patient’s problems
  • Prescribe ways to constructively cope with the patient’s difficulties
  • Prevent the patient from taking any self-harming steps

Qualities of a Counsellor

A counsellor must possess a set of qualities that allows them to help their patients in an effective manner. For instance, a counsellor who gives nonverbal cues like nodding or eye contact in reply to the client is considered more understanding. Furthermore, the trustworthiness of a counsellor is very essential. Similarly, when the counsellor shows genuine concern, they can easily establish a close bond with the client. Therefore, certain qualities must be acquired by a good counsellor. Some of the major ones are:

  • Professional Dedication
  • Amicable Personality
  • Broad-minded Attitude
  • Higher Patience Level
  • Interpersonal relationship

Qualifications of a Counsellor

A counsellor has to study specific courses which help them in better understanding of their patients. The course allows them to understand various concepts and functioning of psychological process. Furthermore, they get a clearer understanding of the complexities of the human brain. When a counsellor has certified degrees and diplomas, it increases their credibility. The more the qualifications, the higher are your chances of excelling in this field. In order to become a counsellor in India, one must possess the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychology
  • Master’s degree in Psychology
  • Certification courses of counselling
  • Practical experience in the counselling industry

Thus, if a person has all these qualifications, they will easily be able to pursue a career in counselling. However, one must also remember that the mere possession of these degrees won’t be enough to excel in this field. You need to also acquire the qualities which will make you a good counsellor. In addition, you must also be able to perform the functions which an efficient counsellor performs. All the things combined will guarantee a bright future in the field of counselling for anyone looking to make a career in this field.

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