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After the intense summer we’ve all had, we deserve a little downpour. Monsoon Season, it’s the season of chai and pakoras, the season of staying indoors tucked under a blanket. It’s the season of dancing spontaneously to ‘baarish’ themed songs. It’s the best time and probably the best excuse to stay at home. Though for some of us it also means getting drenched when you have to get to school. Being stuck in immense traffic when you’re trying to get to your tuitions in time and cancelled P.T Periods.

This  battle makes it hard to understand whether you hate monsoons or love it. But we do know how we feel about certain events in the rain….

1. When you’re wearing your P.T uniform (white) and you accidentally step into a puddle.

2. When you’re running to catch the bus and you slip and fall, while all your classmates get a chance to giggle like hyenas.

3. When you’re trying to get to your tuition classes but you’re stuck in traffic that’s longer than the math equation she was going to teach you.

4. When you can’t leave the house and all you wanted to do was play cricket with your friends.

5. When the electricity goes out and you can’t finish the homework you HAVE to submit the next day.

6. When your mom makes you a surprise cup of hot chocolate to go with the weather.

7. When school gets cancelled because of the heavy rainfall.

8. When you can finally catch up with the rest of the class on that day off.

9. The smell of the wet earth makes you want to put your hand out the window and feel the raindrops.

10. You can’t help but feel relieved that the sun isn’t burning you up.

11. Because no matter what, you know from within that you can never hate the rain.

It’s all about showering love 🙂 

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