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So if you clicked on this link, you are one of two kinds of people. You are either yet to give one of the most important exams of your life or you’re done with them and are loosing your mind over whether or not you’ll end up selling “hygienic” paani puri somewhere. So you stumble upon a bunch of websites that say “Create and account and find out your JEE/AIPMT rank today! Use the most accurate rank predictor ever which uses our complex banana peel web stock mesh analysis algorithm!”, or something like that.

The question is, do you dare waste your time on these technological marvels or do you remain wary of them? Do they actually work? How accurate are they?

I’ll be frank with you. Rank predictors have a way of toying with your feelings. I know you really want to know if your hard work (or lack thereof) has paid off, whether you’re going to make your parents or teachers proud and whether you have a bright future ahead of you. No rank predictor is accurate, some are worse than others. Rank prediction has a lot in common with astrology: the credibility of the prediction is doubtful at best and if they get it wrong, “Hey what do they know?” I’ve seen people who were over joyed at the result produced by the rank predictor and then only proceeded to get their hearts broken when the actual results came out. The illusion of beating the laws of the inherent unpredictability and chaos of nature has an adverse impact on where you think life is going to take you and offer a distorted yardstick to measure your success. Using rank predictors only adds to that distorted sense of reality, which has a way of messing up your ambitions or your sense of purpose in life.

Different websites tap into different incarnations of inaccuracy and give you ranges that may or may not represent your true rank. For an actual rank of around 8000, I’ve seen predictors give me results as high as 2000 or as low as 20000.

When this article was conceived, it was to be about the pros as well as cons of rank predictors, in that they could give you an idea of how much you need to score in an exam to get what you want. But in reality, they are just too inaccurate to provide any reliable estimates with a tolerable range of error.

So I’d advice you to not to deliberately distort your perception of what’s going to happen. The results come out in only a couple of months and who doesn’t love a good suspense?

Leave aside the ultimate rank, your aim should be to work as hard as possible for the JEE. Here is a list of Top engineering colleges accepting JEE scores.

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