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Recess. A time when you could run wild and free, well as much as you could manage with teacher on campus. It was the time when drama would unfold, people would crack open tiffins that contained the best treats you could imagine and a whole lot of chilling. It was a break in the 6 hours of absolutely tiresome lectures.

If you’ve spend most of your childhood within the Indian schooling system, this is probably what recess means to you…

1. You wait for the recess bell with as much anticipation as you wait for a free period.


2. Everyone runs to the canteen like a tsunami is headed their way and the canteen is the only shelter.


3. Getting a nice tiffin to school means you’re most likely to go hungry.


4. Your tiffin disappears faster than ships in the Bermuda Triangle.


5. You suddenly become very popular on your birthday and your lunch table is flooded with people.


6. You get to eat the most authentic food from all around the nation in one room: Idlis from your Tamilian friend, Rajma Chawal from your Punjabi buddy and Dhokla made by your Gujarati friend’s mom.


7. A time to explore the nooks and corners of school to find the best possible place to sit with your friends and eat lunch.


8. The most important minutes where you suddenly try to complete homework that you couldn’t in the whole week.


9. You’re in constant confusion: Should I play or should I eat?


10. But recess is the time of the day where you solidify your friendship. One that lasts forever.

It was the best of times.

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