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A well construction building needs a strong foundation – common saying among Coaching instructors.In the context of medical and engineering entrance exams, what we learn in class 11th is not only the foundation but also the cement which keeps all the bricks together! It’s extremely important to keep reviewing 11th standard syllabus. Let’s take a look at how we can do that.

Reviewing 11th Standard Syllabus: Some Tips

Know the Syllabus:

To begin a complete syllabus review of class 11th, one must first have a printed copy of the syllabus.You can find the syllabus for class 11 here. A written or printed copy of the syllabus helps us in giving a exact quantification of the topics you cover.

Collect the notes:

Its extremely important to take notes in an organised manner of the important things taught in class. The notes serve as a visual reminder to the topic. Visual memory is long lasting as compared to audio or other cognitive sort of memory, hence its important to have a visual sense of important concepts while revising. Organised notes are a trump card during exams so keep them safe.

Begin the Climb:

Class 11 syllabus introduces the student to Calculus. In my belief one must begin by revising all the basic concepts of Calculus and then move on to physics or the detailed study in maths. Keep a track of the topics you cover by marking in your copy of the syllabus. Start with the basics of any concept as most questions asked in competitive exams test the basic understanding of multiple concepts rather that application of a single concept.

Don’t get Stuck-up:

One of the biggest factors contributing to an unsatisfactory performance in an exam is getting stuck in one problem for a very long time. Even while revising, students waist hours trying to figure out the solution to one single problem rather than covering the next concept. Remember to mark the problem in which you have a doubt and consult your faculty, course guide, fellow students or ask us here.

Pick up the Challenge:

Move on to solving complex problems in books like IE Irodov and OP Malhotra once you’ve finished the ones in your NCERT Text. The NCERT Exemplar problems also provide a good insight into basics of class 11th. Keep taking side notes whenever you encounter something outside the text so that you can revise it later. This helps a lot in both Inorganic and Organic Chemistry.

Keep Alternating subjects:

Keep alternating between subjects so that you make progress in every subject in a day and not get bored of one subject. This helps in covering the syllabus in a shorter time and maintains interest in the subject.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle:

Studying efficiently and acing an exam is not just about the time you spend slogging, it more about how efficiently you spend time.If you don’t maintain a healthy lifestyle and mindset you’ll end up wasting a lot of time. Nurture a hobby: Reading, Jogging or anything else which gives you pleasure but doesn’t eat up most of your time.


Following the above guidelines will make reviewing 11th standard syllabus a lot easier. You can read more on methods of revising and exam patterns here and  here.







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