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The students who have successfully qualified for IIT JEE Advanced 2016 deserve an ovation. Their hard work has paid off till now and they need to work harder for next couple of weeks. Since little time is left for the entrance, some students might have begun to feel the heat. But this is no time to get anxious rather it’s time to focus on preparations. Clearing the preliminary JEE Mains examination is a morale booster beyond doubt. However, some students are yet not confident about attempting Chemistry paper accurately in the JEE Advanced exam. If you are revising Chemistry for JEE Advanced, then following pointers can guide you to a great extent.

Revising Chemistry for JEE Advanced

Avail Toppr’s help

Students can avail an excellent opportunity by enrolling themselves for Online preparations through Toppr. A comprehensive Chemistry test series from Toppr provides students with ample practice and clears their concepts too. Since the test series is available online, students can download them directly from the website and start practising. Bearing in mind that students are hard pressed for time an online preparation module for Chemistry can surely be a saving grace.

Revise Through NCERT Books

Remembering chemical formulae and equations helped you immensely in JEE Mains exam and so will it in this exam. The best reference any one can ask for is the NCERT prescribed course material. Coming to Inorganic Chemistry, several students stand by NCERT books for practice and revision. In few cases, students were pleased to find questions straight from NCERT books. Thus, attempting basic questions from them will ensure good performance.

Solve Sample Papers  – AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN

Practicing sufficient chemistry mock tests before appearing for the final exam is another way to revise the subject. Hoard as many sample papers as you can lay your hands on and get down to solving them. It is recommended that you attempt at least two papers per day. Make sure you never exceed the time limit provided to attempt Chemistry section. It would be a good strategy to practice solving whole section within the stipulated time. Considering one has to abide by time constraints during JEE Advanced, this method will help you adjust your pace.

Analyze and Improve

Once you have solved the sample papers to the best of your capacity, evaluate your performance. The Chemistry questions that have troubled you the most will need your immediate attention. If you have understood the concepts then further practice can solve the issue. You must clear qualms at once before they turn into bigger crisis. This is not the right time to learn new concepts so just focus on the covered and understood ones. Try and concentrate on the topics that can help you score more marks. The exam is not about cramming all the topics but rather how well you understand and apply them.

Don’t Mess Up Your Health

Taking care of your health is another thing that you must not forget during this time. Since your brain and body are exposed to strenuous mental exercises, you must remember to feed yourself adequately. Studying is not an excuse to ignore your health especially during this time when nothing else matters than healthiness and vigor. Take nutritious diet, sleep for a good amount and recreate yourself to remain motivated.

This brings us to sum it up as follows:

  • Revise NCERT books for concepts and basic exercises
  • Enrol for online Toppr test series for preparations
  • Solve maximum sample papers
  • Concentrate on revising understood concepts and keep yourself motivated

Best luck. 🙂

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