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Revision Of Class 11 Syllabus In Class 12:

How do I effectively revise my class 11 syllabus while studying in class 12thThis is one persistent question asked by all those who are preparing for entrance exams. Different students use different techniques for this depending on how well they prepared in 11th class but be it any technique one thing that needs to be present while preparing is “practice and lots of practice”. It is only through practice, and lots of revision, that you will get to know how to approach problems and solve them in time-saving efficient ways. Here are some important points that you should keep in mind while revising class 11 syllabus in class 12:

Prepare A List Of Topics

Take a pen and paper and jot down the topics of 11 class syllabus and segregate these topics on the basis on how well you are thorough with it. There will be certain topics you are comfortable with and require less time and then there will be some which might have seemed a nightmare and those require a few more hours.

Devote Some Time Everyday To Revision Of Class 11 Syllabus

It is very essential that you divide your daily study time and devote a part of it for revision of class 11 syllabus. You may start with half an hour to an hour and then keep increasing it as you progress, that’s up to you. Devote some extra time on holidays.

Revise Theory By Problem Solving 

Once that you have allotted some hours for class 11, skim through the notes or a reference book if you are not able to recall some concepts from that particular chapters. It is always better that you understand the theoretical concepts through problem solving because it will save you some time and you’ll understand it in a better way rather than just mugging it up.

Keep A List Of Formulae

There is formula galore in class 11 syllabus and it’s natural tendency of human brain to forget some of those. So if you have a list of all the relevant formulae, you can avoid that extraneous effort and boring task of going through the notes all over again and instead can revise the formulae anytime.

Solve Problems

This is rather the most important point and you’ll realise it as you practice. Decide the chapter you want to revise, pick up a good book filled with problems of that chapter, keep all the relevant notes around you and start solving. While solving, if you do get stuck in between, go through the theory and proceed. Even problems from 12th syllabus require some concepts of 11th to be known and questions in most of the entrance exams is full of these, so while solving such problems if you can’t recall a certain concept, try to clear it then and there or note it down somewhere and clear it as soon as you can.

Apart from the aforementioned points, develop some necessary strategies for each subject separately. For e.g. physics of class 11 mainly involves mechanics and thermodynamics, the plan for this would be to solve as many problems as you can and be thorough with revision. These topics contain hidden theoretical concepts which are generally overlooked by students and asked many times in entrances.

In non-academics, cut of some of your leisure time for this year as it will hold a key part in how you fare in the exams.  Quit spending time with the idiot box, set small individual targets and try to achieve that in time. Try to maintain your health as well. It is important to stay focussed for long hours. Finally, as the exam nears, stay cool, if you get tensed there is a higher probability that you forget things and your brain would not be able to process things correctly.

Hope this tips will be of good use to you. You can find out some more valuable information and tips on how to revise effectively and how to excel at JEE 2017. The ball is still in your court. Make the best of it!

All the best!

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