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We all live in a world where there is immense competition across all walks of life. Hence, we constantly need to keep learning and adapting ourselves to the rapidly changing society if we want to survive in this rat race. And who can teach us better than the ones who’ve successfully experienced and done those things themselves? But remember that not all advice is good for you. You need to be careful about what advice you take as it’s foolish to believe every word you hear. 

Taking Only the Positive Advice About JEE from IITians

Experience is the best teacher, and it always helps to take guidance from people who’ve been there. They might help us achieve our goals while and caution us to avoid the mistakes they might have committed. Thus, you can have an edge in the sense that you will already know what to do and what not to do, which ideas to absorb and which speed breakers to avoid in your journey.

You just cannot blindly believe in whatever IITians tell you – especially if it’s advice about JEE. Your final goal may be the same as theirs, but your journey is not. They may have taken a path that might not be suitable for you, and they might not have faced the problems which you might have to face. So, it becomes necessary to compartmentalize what to implement and what not to. It is in this regard that I will try to help you out to understand what suggestions to listen and what not to from an experienced person. Here we go.

Advice About JEE: What You Should Listen To

  • Exam Strategy

It always pays off to listen to IITians about the mistakes they’d committed. You can consult IITians about your strategy to solve problems and your methodology for studying. You can take their help regarding your academic doubts and queries. As they have already given the JEE examination, they are very well-acquainted with the pattern of the examination and strenuous situations one faces during the exam time. Therefore, their experience can surely help you cope up with the stress of the exam and prepare proactively for the paper.

  • Engineering Branch

I have observed that students are particularity confused about which branch to opt for after clearing the JEE. They have no idea about the academic structure of a particular branch and therefore are not able to take a proper decision. The experience of those who have already been through JEE comes in handy during such a situation. These guys also have a better idea about various engineering disciplines in IITs and what exactly is taught in a particular field. They can also suggest the merits or demerits of a particular field to you in addition to explaining its future scope.

Advice About JEE: What You Shouldn’t Listen To 

No matter what IITians say, beware of the following suggestions. They will only make things difficult for you.

  • Study Schedule 

Each person is unique in his or her own way and hence has a different approach according to his/her learning pace. Therefore, you should never listen to the erratic study schedules suggested by IITians. You can give your 100% and perform your best only if you study in a way you are comfortable with. No one has the right to impose their studying styles on you.

  • Solving the Question Papers

Everybody has their peculiar ways of solving the question paper, and there is no need to follow someone else’s advice. You may read about how others solve question papers and try their methods, but you should always solve it in a way that works for you. Only then will you be able to give your best during exams.

  • Absurd Conclusions

There are several other so-called gospel truths which are told to students, but they are far from reality. Never believe in things like: “Once you clear JEE, you don’t need to study much in IITs,” or “The Computer Science and Engineering branch is the best because they fetch the highest packages.” This logic is completely absurd, i.e., deciding a branch depending on the packages you’ll get. All branches are equally good, and you should only take a decision according to your interests, aptitude, and passion.

Thus, not everything the IITians tell you is true. You should only listen to what is useful for you and forget the rest. Because at the end of the day, you are different and it’s your life. You need to take your own decisions and complete your journey the way you want to.

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