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That JEE is a mental game is nothing new to our ears. However, the kind of mental game that we are talking about here is very different. JEE is definitely about problem solving and application of concepts, but it is, more importantly, a test of our nerves. Though the D-Day does matter, the journey for the two years of preparation can be highly taxing and can stress you out completely. Therefore, it’s essential to have the right state of mind for exam preparations.

We must first have a glance, if only cursory, at the reasons why some of us falter in the rat race of JEE. Primarily, the cause of the problem is the lack of confidence. People of unquestionable calibre do pitifully bad when they lose their confidence. This lack of confidence, coupled with other factors such as undue pressure and hectic schedules wreak havoc on our already overtaxed mental faculties. So, let us try to find what exactly must be done to improve this situation. 

Tips to Maintain the Right State of Mind for Exam Preparation

The entire concept of the right state of mind for exam aspirant – a JEE aspirant, or any other for that matter – is hinged on how you feel during the preparation period. There are a lot of things you need to keep in mind to ensure that you don’t panic and study efficiently. 

Pardon me for going all gurukul-type acharya on you. But then, so is life! And JEE happens to be a part of life, after all (self-satisfied smug smirk). Anyway jokes apart, let us see what can one do to achieve a sound mental state to excel in the exam preparation and ultimately at the exam itself. Most of the things that I shall tell you right now are simple and tried by many JEE aspirants.

Keep Calm and Don’t Get into a Hyper Mode

Calmness, or rather equanimity, is the first and most important ingredient for this cerebral soup. By equanimity, I mean a composed state of mind where an aspirant behaves in a professional way, not letting emotions come in the way of his preparation. This boils down to not getting goaded by any temporary successes or get demoralized by failures, which are ephemeral and temporary as it is. The ability to take both successes and failures in one’s stride is very important, and trust me, the most balanced minds are indeed the ones who make it to the cream ranks of JEE.

Practicality & Awareness

By being aware, I mean that the aspirant must be cognizant of all that is happening in his courses. Let’s assume that the class is on a topic like conic sections, which has the potential of having an infinite number of formulae to mug up. You may solve a sum, and the result of that question can actually be generalized. Now, that happens for most of the sums in conic sections. It is not humanly possible (at least I can’t 😛 ) for us to learn all such generalizations. Thus, one only needs to be ‘aware’ that a certain method exists to solve a certain kind of problem, and not mug up the end results. This deep sense of awareness needs to be extended to all other topics of your study.

Don’t Be a Cry Baby!

First of all, the cry baby attitude needs to go! In the words of a popular TV show character: “Kill the boy. Let the man rise.” During JEE preparation, most of us are old enough to stop sniveling. Start taking the situation in your hands. Failed a test? Work harder for the next one. Once we become aware that JEE is a merciless monster and we are mere hatchlings in front of it, the facade of childishness breaks down.

Optimistic Attitude

Once you have done that, it is indeed about being optimistic. Clearly, none of us had a rosy ride during our JEE preparations. All of us have had our fair share of troughs and crests. We have to cling on to small shiny bursts of light and take inspiration from them to straddle along this journey.

In addition to these abstract things, one can always take active steps to achieve that right state of mind for exam preparations. One can practise meditation on a regular basis (in my opinion, once in two days should suffice). It is known to benefit many, especially JEE aspirants, what with all the frayed nerves! Yoga also helps, but if one is into meditation, these two can be easily combined.

Do not forget to have a decent social life. JEE preparation doesn’t mean you have to live a hermit’s life. Go out with friends. Play sports regularly. An hour a day won’t hurt. And I just can’t stress enough on having nutritious food throughout the duration of JEE preparation. It’s just too essential. After all, ‘Mens sana in corpore sano’ (Latin for: A healthy mind resides in a healthy body).

If you follow the simple steps that I  have laid out, that right state of mind is just out there, waiting to be grasped like a ripe mango in your backyard.

The right state of mind for exam preparation is one of the key assets you could have. Read more about it here.

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