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Just celebrated your 18th birthday?? Well, welcome to the adult life, folks! Trust me, it sucks!! Oh! I don’t intend to spoil your excitement about being an adult. It is indeed a happy moment. You get to do hundreds of things that you weren’t allowed to do yet. I am sure that you might be going all happy and proud and excited for the new phase of life that you are about to step in. From now on, you would frequently be asked about your favorite childhood memory.

Adulthood is not as happy as it seems to be. Neither would I deny the fact that it has some serious fun in store for you. Many of you must have been eagerly waiting for your eighteenth birthday since the time you realized the privileges it brings along. But it’s time to understand why Peter Pan didn’t want to grow up.

As kids, you don’t really enjoy the phase you are in. Dreaming about being an adult, about doing the things you love on your own, about not having to ask permission from your parents, & about partying with friends all day and all night, was probably the favorite past time you all had. It’s time to apprehend the fact that you wouldn’t have enough friends to party with & maybe you won’t be living with your parents anymore to seek permission from. Some of you might think there aren’t any rules of adulthood & it’s all about what you please. It’s most definitely otherwise!

Adulthood brings numerous responsibilities, liabilities, and sacrifices along. Being an adult means doing the right thing, even if it’s not what you want. Being an adult means being mature. Recognize the fact that from now on, everything you are going to do won’t be for your own benefit. You would have to make numerous sacrifices for friends and family. You won’t be allowed to blame your parents or siblings for your flaws. Being adult means being your own master and taking hold over your own life.

It is far more than what you thought it to be. Let’s just have a look at some rules of adulthood you must always remember till experiences knock your doors. These rules of adulthood will make your life much easier.

  • Who are you??

Till now you were identified by your parents’ name. But now it is time to create your own identity. Understand who you are. Take out a paper and a pen and describe yourself. Know your own worth and let the world see it through your eyes. You are much more than one word and just like others, you can’t be confined to fit into a box. Being a human being yourself, you are a complex, multifaceted being; so learn to embrace it. Embrace your flaws and weird quirks. After all, your different identity is what interests the world in you. This should always be the first amongst other rules of adulthood.

  • There’s a difference between being an adult and being old

You have just turned 18, not 60. So relax. Let your hormones breathe. You would have to make a few decisions on your own. Most young adults believe that the way they have led their life until now is going to determine their destiny. The result of such thoughts is overthinking. On contrary, whatever you have done till now, is going to hold less value than what you do ahead. Don’t forget that you’ll keep growing with each passing day and life is full of surprises. Your choices make you who you are.

  • Books will prove to be your best friend

Till the day you are alive, you are going to live only one life, be in one situation at a time. But things commonly known as ‘books’ give you the chance to step into others’ shoes and live many lives. They will allow you to flex your imagination muscles. Books are never going to leave your side no matter how much mean you are to them. They help you step into an entirely another world full of imagination. And they will definitely enrich your perspective of looking at problems you face.

  • One thing at a time

You have reached the age when you want to do a number of things at a particular point of time. The sole mantra should be to prioritize all those things. Realize what is important for you at a particular point of time. You can’t master everything in your life. Once you have chosen your passion, let it consume you and then flow with the tide. The entire concept of choosing one thing that you love and spending your life doing the same thing is an old cliché. It is quite acceptable for your interests to change at any point of time. You are allowed to explore as many things as you wish to. The only thing that can not be neglected is that you are a human with one brain. So, focus on one thing at a time. Although it might seem trivial, this is one of the most important rules of adulthood.

  • “Don’t count your days, make your days count”

It is often said that a life well lived, is always long enough. The number of things that you do does not count. What counts is how you do them. Unfortunately, the modern world subconsciously trains us to think that quantity is more valuable than quality. So, we often feel satisfied with long hours of study or hard work. You have got 24 hours a day, like everyone else. What matters is how and who you spend those days on. Had quality not mattered, we would’ve become one-dimensional personalities. But the truth is that we aren’t.

  • Don’t fret! It is not in your hands

You’re mistaken if you are trying too hard to define everything. Don’t panic when you can’t take charge of the setbacks in your life. The only things that you can control are your beliefs, your actions and your responses to others’ actions. Be content with what you have. Accept that you are a human being and not a robot. You can excel in limited fields and that is completely normal and acceptable.

  • Let’s talk – Most overlooked amongst the rules of adulthood !

Communication is the key to success. You have to be an amazing listener, but a great speaker as well. No matter what problem you are undergoing, you must always share it with your friends and family. Talk about it, don’t run away from it. Conversing is the solution to any problem you face. A good conversation and a few words of peace are always helpful. The benefits of having the gift of the gab are galore – from efficient business communication to motivating fellow leaders and workers, you will be equipped to do every job better. As a kid, you learned how to speak; now you have to learn how to communicate. Remember, we are happy to help.

  • Stay Inspired

Having an idol in your life is always a great thing. Looking forward to being like your role model helps you keep going. Your idol might set certain standards or goals for you that you wish to achieve. No matter how successful one becomes, one always needs a push. Having an idol gives you that push not only to continue with the work that you are doing but also raise your standards. Transforming work into drudgery is something that happens when work loses meaning and becomes a chore. If you do not know the reason for your efforts, your work will end up becoming more of an obligation. Easiest among all rules of adulthood is to love what you do & always stay inspired!

Maturity comes with experiences but that doesn’t mean that you should learn everything the hard way. Some of these rules of adulthood may come naturally to you, but some will require efforts. Just remember who you are & keep them in mind.

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