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Did you know that there are around 25 Sainik schools in India? These are schools for boys who wish to train themselves and join as cadets in the National Defence Army or NDA one day. The Sainik schools are more of residential specialised centres which train the boys from a very young age and introduce them to the life of a cadet of the NDA since it is quite a physically and mentally demanding one. Well if you are planning on sending your child or ward to the Sainik School Purulia, then you need to first understand how the entire system operates.

A little about the Sainik School Purulia

This is one of the oldest and foremost Sainik schools in the country. The name Sainik means soldiers and these schools have been named such because they primarily aim at training future cadets for the army. The primary aim of this school, like the other Sainik schools in the country, is to provide a fair education to all the wards of the parents who hail from an economically weak background and wish to train their children for a better future in the NDA. Though this is a private institution, it is affiliated to the CBSE board. Though most of the other Sainik schools, like the one in the Nalanda district of Bihar, offers training to boys, the one in Purulia offers education to both boys and girls. It is located in Purulia in West Bengal and believed to be one of the best Sainik schools in the country, providing its students with just the right kind of education that they need. The Sainik School Purulia is credited to have produced a large number of successful cadets who have joined the army, through their intensive and well thought out syllabi planning. It was set up way back in 1962 when there were hardly any other Sainik schools in the country, and it was done so under the efforts of the Ministry of Defence. Today it is known for providing well-trained cadets for the NDA.

The admission process of the Sainik school Purulia

An all India Sainik Schools Entrance Examinations are conducted every year. It is through these examinations that the Sainik School Purulia admissions are conducted, based on the result and merits of the students. Students can always put forward their choice of school, but where they will get admission is often determined by their rank and score. The examination dates are generally published by the end of October and a deadline is also provided as to by when you need to fill out and submit the application form. Forms can be downloaded online and submitted by post or in hand at the mentioned offices. The examination that is conducted by the AISSE is an OMR based one, where students will be provided with an OMR sheet in which they will have to circle the correct answer with a black pen. The Sainik School Purulia is one of the top ranking Sainik schools in the country and hence one has to score pretty high in order to get admission here. Once the results are declared, the qualified candidates will have to appear for a few medical tests which will decide whether or not the candidate is mentally and physically fit to be trained as an NDA cadet at the school. Once they clear this examination, the admission to the select Sainik school will take place.

There are two level examinations that are conducted for which the candidates can apply. One is for Class 6 and the other is for Class 9. Students who have completed 10 years of age but are below 11 years are eligible for the first category while students who are not older than 14 years can apply for the second category. Candidates will have to have completed a class VIII examination for the second category at the time of their admission and will have to produce the pass certificate from a recognised institution.                                                    

The subjects for the AISSE

If you want to get through any one of 25 Sainik schools of the country, you will have to prepare pretty hard for the examinations when it comes to getting admission at Sainik School Purulia. Let us what are the subjects that you will be tested on and how much marks do each of these subjects. It is important to understand the marks division in order to prepare yourself properly for the examination.

For Class 6

Subjects Mark Allotted
Language 50 (25 questions*2)
Maths 150(50 questions *3)
General Knowledge 50(25 questions*2)
Intelligence 50(25 questions*2)
Total Marks=300

Each section has specific allotted times and you will have to complete each section within that. The total duration of this examination will be 150 minutes.

For Class 9

Subjects Mark Allotted
English 50 (25 questions*2)
Maths 200(50 questions *4)
General Science 50(25 questions*2)
Intelligence 50(25 questions*2)
Social Science 50(25 questions*2)
Total Marks=400

Like the Class 6 examination, this examination too will have allotted time periods for each section and the total duration of this examination will be 180 minutes.

How to prepare yourself properly for this examination

Well if you are serious about getting an admission into the Sainik School Purulia, you will have to have the best preparation possible. Here are a few things that you ought to do in order to prepare yourself properly for the examination:

  • Since each section has a time period allotted to it, start practising answering questions within that time frame. This will help you to build accuracy along with speed.
  • Since mathematics carries the maximum marks in both the two grade examinations, put special stress on this subject.
  • Make a routine when you study because you need to extremely disciplined for it.
  • You will have to clear the medical examination is you wish to get an admission in Sainik School Purulia so make sure that you stay physically fit and mentally active during the time of your preparation.
  • If need be you can reach out to others for help who have cleared this examination before.

If you do want to train to join the NDA as a cadet and are looking for an all-round education, then do consider preparing hard for the Sainik School Purulia admissions.

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