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SAT Sample Paper

Both the SAT® and SAT Subject Test aspirants require solving SAT sample paper to understand the exam pattern thoroughly. The College BoardTM administers SAT to measure aspirants’ academic readiness for undergraduate courses mainly in the USA. Through the sample paper of SAT, test students will be able to practice and judge their own standards, which in a way will help them improve their weaknesses. SAT sample paper consists of all the SAT test sections, namely Critical Reading, Writing, and Mathematics.

SAT Exam or Scholastic Assessment Test is for those who wish to pursue a graduate degree in Universities abroad. SAT Exam is conducted by College Board, a non-profit organization based in the USA. SAT Exam pattern is to evaluate the eligibility to get into the college and considered as essential criteria to get admissions into the top Universities in the USA. The exam pattern consists of Critical Reading, Mathematics, Writing and Subjects Test; the Critical Reading Test is a 3 sub-sections test with different kinds of questions having Sentence Completion, Short, and Long Reading Passages. Mathematics Test also has 3 sub-sections inclusive of 44 questions on multiple choice and 10 questions on grid-in. A further section includes questions on Arithmetic Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, and Probability. Writing Test consists of brief essay and questions on multiple choice that covers Error Identification, Sentence Improvement, and Paragraph Improvement. Subject Test is taken to judge the candidate’s Interests, Expertise, and Achievement in exact subject areas. The candidate learns about questions and Paper Pattern from general subjects like English, History, Languages, Mathematics and Science in SAT Exam Pattern.

SAT Sample Papers: Test Pattern

All prospective test takers should be aware of the SAT test pattern 2018. The following table will provide the required details of SAT 2018 pattern. The SAT 2018 comprises two tests, namely SAT and SAT Subject test.


Number of Questions


Score Range



80 minutes


Reading Test


65 minutes

200–800 (combined with Writing section)

Writing and Language Test


35 minutes

200–800 (combined with Reading section)

Essay (Optional)

1 prompt

50 minutes

Not scored


3 hours (with optional 50 minutes)

155 questions


The following subjects are included in the SAT Subject test:





U.S. History


German with Listening


World History



Chinese with Listening

Math Level


Spanish with Listening

Japanese with Listening

Math Level 2

French with Listening

Modern Hebrew

Korean with Listening

SAT Sample Papers include Three Sections:

SAT Critical Reading: The SAT Critical Reading Practice Test consists of three sub-sections with different types of questions including sentence completion and questions on short and long academic reading passages. Aspirants need to solve 52 questions in 65 minutes.

SAT Mathematics: The SAT Mathematics practice paper consists of three sub-sections which include 57 questions to be solved in 80 minutes. The SAT Math section in the SAT sample test paper has questions on arithmetic operations, algebra, geometry, statistics, and probability.

SAT Writing: The Writing SAT sample practice paper includes a brief essay and multiple choice questions that consist of error identification questions, sentence correction questions, and paragraph improvement questions. Aspirants need to solve 44 questions in 35 minutes.

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SAT Subject Tests: SAT Sample Papers

The SAT Subject tests are standardised tests, conducted to showcase a students’ interests, expertise, and achievement in specific subject domains. Students get to know about questions and paper pattern of SAT from five general field of study, namely English, History, Languages, Mathematics and Science in SAT Subject Test Practice Paper.

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