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Scholarship Online
Scholarship Online

With digitalisation, every information is now available online at the click of a button. From attempting scholarship online tests to learning better with online classes, opportunities expanded comprehensively. Similarly, we too came up with a T-STAR online aptitude test to help you learn about your strengths and weaknesses. Our online scholarship test assesses your aptitude and reasoning abilities and helps you revise your preparedness level.

Benefits of Opting for T-STAR

1) Attractive Scholarships:

Scholarships are offered to the students on the basis of T-STAR test rank. These ranks are generated after every test for each category and target exam separately. Below-mentioned are the details:

Winners Scholarship Details:

Rank 1: 100% Fee Waiver

Rank 2-5: 90% Fee Waiver

Rank 6-10: 75% Fee Waiver

Rank 11-20: 50% Fee Waiver

Rank 21-30: 35% Fee Waiver

2) Free Counselling

Once your T-STAR test is completed and you are among the rankers, our sales experts will get in touch with you. They will explain in-depth about the benefits you can avail once you secure a high rank.

3) Skills Assessment

Our T-STAR syllabus is curated by the best of minds to help you assess your aptitude. These questions will challenge your presence of mind and your test your skills – helping you understand whether you are exam-ready or not.

4) Exciting Goodies

Rankers stand a chance to win exclusive offers such as tablets, headsets, vouchers and much more. So why wait? Hurry and register for T-STAR now!

How to Apply for the T-STAR Test Free

Step 1: Head over to our T-STAR website and fill out the Registration Form

Scholarship Online

Step 2: Sign in using the OTP sent on your registered number

Scholarship Online
T-STAR Scholarship Online

Step 3: Check the availability of the next test date and login on the mentioned day to assess your skill set

Why Applying for Scholarship Online Test is Important

1) Saves Money

The best aspect of scholarships is accessibility. It eliminates the financial barrier and truly ensures education for all. Usually, students opt for a study loan and overburden themselves with the repayment as soon as they graduate. This puts graduates under high pressure of getting a high-salaried job. Scholarships allow students to study at any university or classes at minimal cost or many times for free. It will help you study better and achieve your career goals without any barriers.

2) Improves Performance

Imagine if you join a course and you are already free of the monetary burden. You will be able to focus more time on studying and gaining knowledge from the syllabus. It not only helps you in skill development but also gives you peace of mind. 

3) Builds Credibility

Acing your scholarship online test is a big advantage for you. As a job candidate, your resume will stand out because it reflects how you received a scholarship for studying well. It solidifies you as a skilled and knowledgeable individual. You get the upper hand during interviews since the employer trusts your conceptual understanding of various topics.

Stay Away from Scholarship Providers Who Try to Trick You

1) Large Processing Fee and Small Awards

Stay on the lookout for those scholarships providers who charge a big chunk of processing fees and provide comparatively very small awards. Mostly, they will end up not giving you the award.

2) Receiving Awards for Tests You Didn’t Give

Many-a-times students receive phishing emails and SMS where the scholarship provider states that “Congratulations on receiving a scholarship” or “Your XX amount rupee scholarship has been granted” and so on. DO NOT FALL PREY TO SUCH TACTICS. If you have not given the test, you won’t receive any prizes or awards. Be aware and save yourself from such elaborate scams. Report it instantly.

3) Outsourcing Application

Only you can apply for scholarships. If any company requests any sort of compensation to apply for scholarships for you, don’t buy it. Usually while applying for scholarships, you will have to share a fair amount of personal information, various writing samples and do a considerable amount of work. No one apart from you can do such tasks. So, always stay on the lookout.

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