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Top 10 Science Fiction Book Every Student Should Read

Science Fiction is daunting in its appearance and the people who have read science fiction books take a lot of pride to have done that. They have good amount of reasons to do so. The thrill in science fiction is massive which takes you into a different world altogether. Students are the one who have a strong inclination towards reading science fiction more than anyone else. It gives them remarkable joy while they experience the thrilling world of fictional science through the stellar words of the ace sci-fi writers. Let us take a look at the top ten sci-fi books that is a must read for every student.

1. Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, by Susanna Clarke

This is a very famous science fiction novel by the famous British author Susanna Clarke. This book is talked about a lot but a lot of people seldom read it due to its big and bulky nature. But it is a book that’s worth reading and it takes you on a pleasing trip with a great storyline and gripping storytelling.

2. Dune, by Frank Herbert

Frank Herbert is one of the exponential names in science fiction literature. Dune is one of Herbert’s masterpieces with a fantastic storyline. It is a multi faceted story involving countless characters and a complex literature. But the storyline is remarkable and is a must read fr every student.

3. 1984, by George Orwell

This novel is more of a cultural meme than just a novel as a lot of people pretend to have read it but haven’t actually read it. Such is the popularity of the book with an easy going storyline and fantastic literary richness.

4. The Time Machine, by Herbert George Wells

The Time Machine is one of the most important creations of the author which has a mysterious storyline narrating the fictional activity of time travelling. It has an astonishing climax to it as well. It is another gripping novel a student must read.

5. Infinite Jest, by David Foster Wallace

It is a novel which has a more aesthetic significance than a literary one. But it is book worth reading. It has a touch of comic relief to its with its footnotes which helps the readers get a hold of the story.

6. First and Last Men and Starmaker, by Olaf Stapledon

This is one of the earliest sci-fi classics that have immense literary richness and it talks about distant stars and far future. A great novel to read, indeed!

7. Cryptonomicon, by Neal Stephenson

This is a long book of a dense nature which has a great storyline with multilayered characters. This is a kind of book which is heavily informative and it imparts substantial knowledge unto the reader.

8. Ready Player One, by Earnest Cline

This is a novel based in the year 2044 in a super advanced world. This a great novel to read with a grueling storyline.

9. The Hitchhiker’s Guide, by Arthur Dent

This is an epic and funny novel by the English author Arthur Dent which is a true sci-fi story with aliens trying t destroy the world, but the author somehow manages to escape the devastation. It is an amazing book to read.

10. The Circle, by Dave Eggers

It is a great novel with a remarkable story line based in the present time which is on the life of a graduated student working for a huge technological company whose purpose is a mystery. It has a great story line coupled with amazing narration.

Science fiction not only makes for great reading, it has also inspired some amazing technology over the years! Read about it here.


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