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With less than five months left for the 12th Board Examinations to kick in, the question cropping up in every mind: How easy is it to score 90% in 12th boards? This question becomes more important when students are juggling with JEE or AIPMT preparation alongside Boards. So is it actually a herculean task to get a 90+ percentage? From my personal experience, let me assure you that it is not.

To Score 90% in 12th Boards:

With the right amount of dedication, time management and presentation, every answer script marks can turn out to be a high score. This exam season, we help you tackle Boards through selected precise points that you can manage with JEE or AIPMT preparation:

START WELL BEFORE: For board preparation, students often tend to procrastinate until February and focus on entrance exams more. This can cause a major setback to your results. Students should understand that concepts and numericals cannot be mastered in a month. You should always stay in touch with your NCERT books and constantly revise concepts in the syllabus as they are covered in your school.

HOW IMPORTANT ARE NUMERICALS? Make this a thumb rule that every single numerical in NCERT books for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics are of utmost importance and carry equal weight. When you will be thorough with each and every question, all previous years’ board papers will seem familiar to you. You will not have to worry about referring to other books. NCERT is the soul key and one who is thorough with it can easily score perfect hundreds!

score 90% in 12th
NCERT is the ultimate key

ENGLISH AND FIFTH SUBJECT: English can be tricky for many students and can be the one responsible for pulling your percentage down. Apart from being very well versed in all the chapters of Literature, English demands rigorous practice of passages, paragraph editing/omission, jumbled sentences, etc. Students must take help from reference books for these which contain ample practice questions. For the writing section, you should especially avoid losing marks for incorrect formats (of letters, articles etc) because these carry solid points. Try to be more detailed and descriptive in your answers.

Your fifth subject can vary in difficulty from Computer Science to Physical Education and it is you who has to understand what section of your time it requires. This can be a very scoring section and can push your percentage high.

score 90% in 12th
Your presentation of answers are of utmost importance.

PRESENTATION AND TIME MANAGEMENT: Obviously, the examiner does not know you personally and all you can do is present him with a neat answer script. You need to do everything to impress the examiner, like writing each formula used or carefully underlining important points. Be sure to divide the time of three hours of examination according to the weightage of the question and present your answers as neatly as possible.

With right determination and intensive study, you can score 90% in 12th Board exams and even more. 🙂

All the best!

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