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Want to score high in tests every time? Here’s how..

Scoring high in your tests every time is not as hard as it seems. There should be some basic strategy you should follow which is common to all type of tests. You also need to keep some specific things in mind depending upon the type of test you are attempting. Again, there are things you should do in the preparation phase, some days before the test and during the test, which will eventually determine whether or not you score high in tests. In this article, find how you can score high in tests every time, without fail.

Let’s discuss how you can sail through the various phases before the exam day.

Preparation Phase

First things first; the syllabus to be covered in the exam must be clear to you. Secondly, you need to know the type of exam: objective or subjective, duration and marking scheme as well. Always go through the official notification and previous years’ papers to have an idea about your tests. If it’s a monthly test, then knowing the topics covered and pattern through coaching is enough. Attend a group session with people who will also be attempting the same test to get a clearer idea.

After the syllabus is clear to you, make a study schedule according to the time left for the test. Set bold, tangible but short-term goals. Achieving them will keep giving you a sense of victory and satisfaction, and whet your appetite for more of the same. Also, review your strategies, avoid things where you wasted your time and figure out how to optimize your schedule. Cover the topics, which seem difficult to you first. Since scoring high is your motto, don’t leave any topic untouched if time permits.

Attempting more and more mock tests will prepare you for the final test more than anything. You will get to know the mistakes you are committing and effectiveness of your time management. For specific tests like JEE and NEET, you should focus on concepts and strengthen basics. Make toppers your mentors because, as they say, you become what you follow.

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Some Days Before the Test

As the test approaches, slowly reduce your time on studying and focus more on revising. Mug up the things which require intense practice. Sleep well as it gives your mind the time to remember what you studied. Learn the shortcut tricks and remember them as they will save crucial time during the tests. Review the sections where you are weak and take one last mock test to gauge your preparation status.

Also, don’t forget to take care of all the crucial things that will be required to avoid last-minute stress. Take a printout of the admit card, know your test center, and arrange for necessities like stationery, calculator, etc.

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During the Test

Read the instructions carefully, in fact, “Read like a lawyer; one word can change the whole meaning of everything.” Keep a tab on any changes introduced in the test pattern like negative marking to clear every section smoothly. Read every question carefully and always go through all the options in multiple choice questions before choosing one. If you are not sure of the answer, mark it for review and move on. If there is no negative marking, make your best guess and also mark it for review. Stay focused on your computer/paper. If there are some distractions in the room, ignore them.

Also, techniques like the elimination process come handy in objective type tests. If you are not sure of the answer, striking out the wrong answers you are damn sure of, will increase your probability of choosing the correct one.

Remember to maintain the pace while writing. Don’t get stuck on a question for too long as you may lose 10 easy questions due to it. Try to complete the test 10-15 minutes before time; check if you have not left any section unanswered by mistake. Then go to the questions marked for review and give them a try.

These are the things that will surely help you score high in tests every darn time..!! You always need to look at the bigger picture and learn to set effective goals for better results.

And always remember, “Don’t practice until you get it right, practice until you can’t get it wrong.”

That’s all for now, guys. 🙂

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