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So maybe you’re a science fanatic (or not). Maybe you’re in it to just cash in and chill out (or not). Maybe you want to make the world a better place. Well, there are a couple of ways to do that. You could either work on how to create colourful flames or work on how to make fireworks out of those colorful flames. Regardless of what school of thought you belong to, if you’re a science student in India, chances are that you are going to attempt the coveted KVPY. This is an exam that needs no introduction so I am just going to conveniently skip it.

So maybe you’re one of those smarty pants who actually qualified in your first attempt. Time for you to kick back and bask in your glory. It’s 12th standard now and a lot of your not so fortunate friends are now gearing up for a second chance. This gets you thinking – is it actually worth it to attempt the KVPY paper again?

KVPY is more than just a scholarship test – to call it that wouldn’t do it justice. It is a challenge akin to most of life’s very own, including the upcoming series of entrance exams next summer. There is a chance that although you got through, you didn’t get a good enough rank to land the course of your choice. If you are confident that you have a better shot this time, I suggest you go for it. But please keep in mind that it is a gamble. Attempt it only if you think you can score a better rank. You have an advantage here because you clearly have a command over concepts in your 11th standard and so, you’ll need to focus on your 12th standard portions with a slight revision of your 11th standard concepts.

If research and pure sciences aren’t what you see yourself doing, you are probably an engineering or a medical aspirant. KVPY is arguably one of the toughest exams out there, and cracking this nut probably means that your nut cracker is good enough for the other nuts. Qualifying in this ordeal will elevate you to the heights of self-esteem and morale. Believe me, morale and practice are the two pillars that would support your success in your entrances. It could propel your JEE/NEET preparation to new heights (provided you qualify, of course). Obviously, not qualifying could be devastating. It would have the opposite impact. Hence, it is a sort of a double edged sword that you need to use wisely.

So there are a lot of benefits (and a few catches) to attempting KVPY again after you get selected. Choose wisely as it is a gamble, depending on what you have to lose. But what is life without a few risks?

The applications for KVPY are now open. The KVPY exam and interview are a great experience, one you should definitely take if you get the chance. And there are a lot of benefits to KVPY in the long run as well. Read about them here.

Best of luck!

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