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CGPA: The Magic Number at IITs

Most of us harbor pleasant and at times, highly ridiculous dreams about college life. It’s wonderful to imagine a glorious phase, especially after a lifetime of living under the yoke of schools and our parents. These happy feelings are further intensified if the said college is a hostel-based one. And if it the fabled IITs, the dreams reach their peak. Though these feelings are largely justified, getting into an IIT is a big step with grueling studying and preps. Let me take the opportunity to explain why, once you step into the IITs, you must not ignore the almighty CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average).

First of all, let us analyze what an IIT degree means in reality and what is it that makes employers salivate while seeing that glittering degree. Apart from showing that the degree holder has an above-average brain, it is a display of the fact that IITians are dedicated individuals who know the art of time management and prioritization.

Consider this. If you’re a student of an IIT, an admittedly difficult institute to get into, and have a below 6 GPA, it portrays that you can’t handle situations well. It shows that once you’ve got into an esteemed institution, the success has gone to your head. It also easily spells doom for any professional success that you would have wished for once you get that awesome IIT degree. For your benefit: During campus placements, people below the CGPA of 9 were not even called for an interview recently, let alone given any offers by big or small companies. No investor will possibly invest his money in a person who could not even manage a decent grade in undergrad university.

A low CGPA greatly hinders your all-round development as an individual. Don’t start rolling your eyes, this is mighty true, people. A subpar CGPA easily means that you cannot take up many courses at a time. So, if there was a certain animation course you wanted to take up, your low CGPA will stand in your way. It stops your profile from becoming diverse.

Lastly, bad CGPAs affect your extra-curricular activities as well. If you have backlogs to overcome, then it is but natural that you will have to complete those. The amount of time and resources you will give to extra-curriculars will accordingly diminish. On top of this, at least in IITB, people with active backlogs (fail grades) are not even allowed to contest for posts like secretaries and club convenors. This deal is a further blow to one’s attempt to learn management and leadership qualities.

Many of us think that getting into an IIT is the destination. On the contrary, it is just the beginning of a glorious journey. Embark upon this golden cruise, tread carefully, get a decent CGPA and make the best of the years you shall spend here!


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