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Imaginary Inventions That Need To Happen!

Sure, the world has Segways and iPads. Hey, but isn’t that a small consolation when you wake up every day to a world without “Blade Runner” skylines? Don’t we feel like all the science fiction of yesteryear promised us a future of flying cars and hover boards, and none of it has come to pass? How unfair.

Sometimes, we look around and realize that our air castles don’t exist. Unless you are the next budding Einstein, most of us will sit back and wonder when our intelligent human species will transform our dreams into reality.

In this article, we’ll look at 7 future inventions that the world needs desperately and are at the top of my wish list. Only time will tell which ones are just around the corner, and which ones are mere relics of our post-World War II dreams!

  1. Panacea

Panacea is simply a remedy that would cure all diseases, and prolong life. How mind-boggling, isn’t it? Imagine a world where there’s this ultimate cure for cancer, aids, viruses, and everything. For decades and millennia, this invention has been thought of as simply a pipe dream, but as medical science advances, the idea of a panacea is coming far closer to reality. At least, we hope so. So, the question is: can it be done? In theory, yes. It is certainly imaginable within the lifetime of the current generation.

  1. Teleportation

What’s that one thing that you dream of when you get out of bed in the morning? A teleportation device to get you to work in the blink of an eye? Lucky for you, science is working on an answer. Star Trek-style teleportation isn’t as crazy as it sounds. This amazing technology would make it possible to travel vast distances without physically crossing the space. Global transportation will then become instantaneous, and interplanetary travel will literally become one small step for man. And no more commuting = a happier world.

  1. Memory Eraser

Well, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones have neutralizers to chase down alien invasions in Men in Black. But I can’t help but feel the memory-erasing invention would have numerous applications to everyday life. Did you get caught with your hand in the cookie jar at home? Zap! Erase your mother’s memory and all fixed. Said something you shouldn’t have in front of your boss? Flash! No problem. Science could really lend us a hand when it comes to this invention.

  1. Flying Cars

Sitting amidst a sea of cars in bumper-to-bumper traffic on an endless expressway, have you ever daydreamed about your car taking off and flying over the road? The vision of the flying car simply won’t go away. We are in the 21st century. The world has cars and planes, but I wonder why this idea is so enthralling. Films are full of examples ranging from the 5th Element’s roads in the sky to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’s flying chugger. Getting wings like a bird and travelling anywhere and everywhere will also dissolve the boundaries created by human beings.

  1. Robot Maids

The dream of the computerized maid is a lot beyond the mere automated dust busting. What the world has been waiting for is a true robotic domestic servant, which can safely navigate a human living environment. It will do everything from cleaning the toilet to cooking pancakes. So far, scientists have already developed a “robo-maid” who can open a fridge and pour you a beer. But it is predicted that in the next few years, we might see a robot maid who can do much more than giving you a drink.

  1. Animal Communicator

We, the people of today’s world, really need this type of instrument. How awesome would it be to talk to my dog! Cool, but how will we make it? We will need some kind of human-animal vocal cord thing that will translate our language into animal language and vice-a-versa. Feeling sad? Just ask you dog to hug you through the communicator. The world will be such a happier place when we could all understand the unspoken words of these speechless animals.

  1. Time Machine

What if I had the time machine? I would kill Hitler, and stop Abraham Lincoln from dying and give cavemen I-pads. Fun, isn’t it? Having said that, if it was released to the public, it would take 10 seconds for everyone to abuse it. But who wouldn’t want to be able to travel forward and back through the ages? It’s been a dream of man ever since HG Wells published his beguiling novella The Time Machine back in 1895 – and with science’s help, it could yet come true. Maybe, someday.

So, these were the little-known technologies that hold the power to transform the world for the better.

There are imaginary inventions. Then there are imaginary ideas that become real inventions. Read about Sci-Fi ideas that became a reality!


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