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A Shady Plot Summary

A Shady Plot was written by an American author Elsie Brown. She specialised in writing horror stories. Even Shady Plot is inspired by the supernatural, ghostly element. A Shady Plot Summary given below shall help you have a better understanding of the story.

The story starts with introducing John Hallock as a writer trying to write a ghost story. As he blames Jenkins to make him write a ghost story, we get to know that Jenkins is the publisher who has asked Hallock to write a ghost story with engaging supernatural elements because as per his research this is what the readers like and Hallock’s story has been the best of them because the ghosts in the aforementioned writer’s story look very real providing the plot with the much needed spooky and scary elements. Reluctant to write yet another ghost story Hallock still agreed to write it again because Jenkins was the only publisher who used to publish his work. As the writer sat to write a new ghost story he was still confused about the fact that how on earth does his ghost story work so well because whenever he would sit to write a ghost story he would be clueless but from nowhere suddenly an idea would dawn on him and would go on to become a hot seller. He started believing that he doesn’t specialize in ghost stories but maybe the ghost stories in itself specialised in him, a glimpse of overconfidence was reflected in him here. He worked as an accountant in a lumber company and used to work as a freelance writer. Thus, he thought that his publisher knew that he had trouble in clearing the bills and so to earn extra the writer would not say no to write another ghost story.

Now once again he had to pen a good ghost story, so as he was pondering over ideas to his dismay he couldn’t think of any good ghost story instead his mind got distracted in thinking about his wife who was a shopaholic and had a craze for new fashions and trends and would love to buy anything that would be trending. He wanted her to change but he knew he couldn’t do so he resumed thinking over the story. As he could not think of any idea in a sarcastic tone he said, “This writing business is delightful, isn’t it?”

As soon as he said this he was shocked to hear someone say, “Yes”

He looked around and saw a shape moving and joining up in parts to form a body of a woman, this woman was unknown to him, she was tall, angular, with fishy eyes, and was wearing spectacles. On enquiry, the writer got a surprising answer from this ghostly woman that she had come because he had only called her. Shocked and surprised Hallock, then got to know that she had come to help him to write the ghost story and she is the one who has been helping him in writing the previous ghost stories but this time she and all her other fellow ghosts are going on strike so he should stop disturbing her from another plot. She said that in her previous birth she was an unsuccessful writer but her quest remains even after her death so she has gathered all writer ghosts like her and formed a ‘Writer’ Inspiration Bureau” where they helped alive writers who had no idea about what to write. When Hallock disagreed to her fact that she had helped him in writing the stories then she said that whenever he would sit to write she would join him very closely and give him ideas because he had a flexible mind which could be influenced. She also said but now he shouldn’t wait for her because they were all going on a strike because the humans disturbed them a lot by using Ouija board and called the spirit every now and then to ask questions. She wanted the writer to at least tells his family & friends to stop using this board. While Hallock was talking to this ghost his wife Lavinia appeared, she found it strange that her husband was talking to himself but she was so excited about the new purchase that she ignored this. Her new buy was an Ouija board which she had brought for the help of the writer so that he could directly talk to the ghosts and write the story. The writer’s all attempts to ask his wife to return the board failed.

Next day he went out for his fixed job and when he returned his cook Gladolia asked him to change and come for the Ouija board party. Reluctant ever because he feared the ghost who had visited him last time, he still went to the party for his wife. As he looks around to see everyone in the party, Lavinia asked him to join Laura Hinkle at the Ouija Board as his partner. Laura took his fingers and started moving them on the board, to his horror the board spelt the words ‘TRAITOR’ and further enquiry about who the speaker was, the board spelt ‘Helen’, soon everyone including Lavinia surrounded the place where Hallock and Laura were sitting and they started staring at him doubtfully, he left the scene. Next morning he couldn’t find Lavinia all he found was a note from her that said she is leaving & further communication will be done by her lawyer. Just then only Helen reappreaed in front of him & said that she has been said to ensure that his wife should get rid of that Ouija Board, to this Hallock gets really angry and accuses Helen of ruining his life.Listening ti him even Helen gets irritated and just then Lavinia enters to say a final goodbye to the writer. As soon as she entered, the writer tried to hide Helen behind him and behaved strangely which his wife noticed. Just then the cook came in & said even she won’t work in a house where spirits are called, but Lavinia was pacified noticing her husband behave weirdly she sprang behind her husband and saw Helen. Helen didn’t disappear this time and boldly announced that she was Helen. Realizing that Helen was a ghost Lavinia felt relieved and joked that she thought that Helen was Troy to which the ghost said that she was the Helen of Troy and left in phases. As soon as Helen went Hallock pushed his wife aside because he had got a brilliant plot for his story.

Hope you got A gist of the story from A Shady Plot Summary.

This was our article on A Shady Plot Summary class 10 English.

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