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Motivating students is one of the primary activities an education institution should always focus on. Moreover, students with high motivation tend to perform better and deliver higher quality. Motivation refers to any feeling or emotion that makes a person want to perform a given task. However, the main motto of doing the task may be anything. But all that matters is that the person voluntarily wishes to do the task with a positive spirit. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to keep students in this condition. Because a student with high motivation can deliver results beyond their usual average capacity.

A general awareness and knowledge of motivation can be of great use while applying it with students.

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motivating students

Student Motivation

Motivating student, without a doubt, can be one of the best means of inducing interest in them. Motivational tactics are in many types and come in various forms. If one knows the knack of implementing a student motivation measure well, then positive results are inevitable. Now, the question of “how do you know that motivation exists in a student?” arises. And the answer to this is that, there are a few signs and actions that can confirm this. These are as follows:

  • The student voluntarily takes part and wants to contribute.
  • Also, the student never wishes to procrastinate or use a shortcut to achieve the desired results.
  • A motivated student does not crib, grumble or shoe dissatisfaction towards the curriculum.
  • They are always charged, pumped and ready for the tasks – be it tests, activities or assignments.

Simple Ideas of Motivating Students

Give students a sense of control and power. By doing so, the student realizes that he/she is being trusted and moreover, watched. This feeling of being in control and having limited considerable power makes sure that the student knows that he is accountable for his/her actions. Once the student realizes this trust, inner behavior and attitude changes for the better.

Create a damage control and threat-free environment. Before providing them with power, responsibilities and control, it is important that everything in damage-free. A student’s action should not bring about a negative and adverse impact. Therefore, create a suitable environment.

Make the objectives clear to the students. The objective of the course, the purpose of the curriculum and the reason for the tasks to be performed should be clear. Once the students have nothing to question or doubt, they are more likely to see the benefits of what is being offered and give in their best.

Encourage positive competition among the batch-mates and peers. Also, it is important to emphasize on the benefits of positive competition. Competition can be a passive aggressive method of pushing a student to voluntarily perform their best. Successfully encouraging this would be the best!

Offer a variety of experiences from experts and motivational speakers with strong life messages. Also make it a point to reward and praise students when they do a great job. Make sure to appreciate efforts and not results. Moreover, also encourage students to work together and praise them when they succeed in doing so.

Solved Questions

What are some of the other ways to initiate the process of and successfully motivating students?

  1. Know your student and encourage self-reflection.
  2. Understand student interest and help harness intrinsic motivation
  3. Make high but attainable goals
  4. Provide timely and regular feedback by allocating provision to develop and improve
  5. Track changes – be it improvements or a fallback
  6. Also, remember to make things fun! Else, it could get very monotonous and purposeless.
  7. Clearly provide students with opportunities to showcase their thoughts.
  8. There should not be any emphasis on rankings and grades as they have proven to be rather demotivating and pressurizing.
  9. Try your best to include scholarships in cash or kind to encourage students to aim for them.

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