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Snagging a Coveted Top 500 AIR in JEE 2018:

It’s every person’s mortal dream to snag a seat in an IIT ( atleast those who possess an insatiable hankering for intellectual challenges). Upwards of 20,000 ranks are awarded every year. A sub 4500 rank would ensure that you get a seat ( in atleast a fringe course) in one of the top 7 IITs. That requires oodles of hardwork,determination and perseverance. Getting a top 500 AIR, on the other hand, is a herculean task that requires a repertoire that reeks of unabashed fortitude . Make no mistake, a sub 4500 AIR itself is no joke – especially when a slender margin of 2 marks could set you back 500 ranks.

So, is there a way you can catapult yourself into that elite strata of academically proficient, extortionately talented, unwaveringly focused and above all, gifted group of people?

The answer to this is not single-fold. Surprisingly, the road to a top 500 AIR starts earlier than most of us would think. A certain place that fosters early growth and development, a place which grown-ups have very little memory of. Yes, primary school. A huge chunk of the top 500 AIRs are people who have been toiling it day and night, in the grindhouse – practically their whole life. No, they don’t get started with JEE prep in 1st grade, but these are the people who notoriously outshine the rest of the pack , right from primary school. These are the same people who ace olympiad exams and snag scholarships well too early for their age. They are remarkably consistent with their grades in school, which are usually a tad above what would be considered excellent.

Now this might not augur well for a person who’s looking for that springboard start well into high school. Chances are a top 500 rank proves to be just too elusive in the end. Rummaging through the annals of the typical topper’s achievements would add nothing but credence to this claim. Their achievements long predate JEE, 12th exams, heck even high school!

Determination and unceasing perseverance shape the nexus of a topper’s work ethic. These people do not take a single minute off; make sure that not a single moment goes by wasted. Sacrificing sleep and inviting general jitteriness the next day, is something a topper is well too accustomed to. Rain checks are valuable tools for these people; Be it a party or be it a gathering, these people exercise their rights to rain checks – whether they keep it up at a future time or not, is another thing. Unabashed confidence is key in sustaining long hours of endless cramming. Their level of focus is unmatched and inimitable by any other human form, to the point which they can even be termed indefatigable.

Time management is a major factor that influences success. A top 500 AIR would be your quintessential fastidious, organized and time conscious person. He is well aware that any sort of frivolous flings, any skerrick of time wasted idly, any sort of negligence will get him his comeuppance in the future.

The road to a top 500 AIR is indeed riddled with obstacles; Do you have the true grit to persevere and achieve a feat that would be a testament to your intellect and unbridled hard-work?

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