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Solar Energy Companies in India

The world now needs to think of and make a shift to alternative fuels. Why do you ask? Well, various species of plants and animals are getting extinct on an everyday basis by the hundreds, the oceans are dying and global warming is on the increase. The time now openly calls for the world to make a shift to alternative sources of fuel. We now need a fuel source that brings with itself both the dependability and usability of fossil fuels. Many a car makers have decided to create battery operated cars and call it the car of the future, but then even those come with drawbacks. This article is on Solar Energy Companies in India.

Solar Energy Companies in India

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Everywhere these days, the buzzword is “solar”, “solar power”, “solar energy”.

For billions of years now, the sun has produced energy. The rays of the sun (solar radiation) that reaches the Earth is known as Solar energy. Solar energy can thereafter be converted into other forms of energy like heat and electricity. Therefore we can say that the energy that is captured from the sun, stored and converted to electrical energy is known as solar energy.  As people realise the benefits of solar energy or power, the demand for the same has increased. The growth of solar power suppliers is a good enough estimation for the same.

Solar Energy Companies in India

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Given below is a list of the top solar energy companies in India that offer world-class products and services.

Kotak Urja Pvt Ltd

This company is one of the older solar energy companies in India. Kotak Urja Pvt. Ltd. has expertise in design, manufacturing, engineering, installing and in commissioning of solar thermal systems as well as solar photovoltaic. This company was established in the year 1997. They offer a wide array of services. The sole aim of the company initially was to manufacture solar water heater and make other innovative solar products that can be used on a daily basis. Their USP is to develop innovative and reliable solar solutions in business enterprises and civic infrastructural developments.

Solar Energy Companies in India

Azure Power

This company – Azure Power is involved in selling solar power in long term fixed price contracts and at times at prices which are lower than the current alternatives for the customers. The aim of Azure Power is to be the lowest cost power producer in the world and achieve a substantial reduction in solar project cost. Their USP is that they provide low cost energy.

 Moser Baer Photoavoltaic Ltd 

technology. The products on offer by this company are – Crystalline Silicon Cells and Modules, Thin Film Modules. Moser Baer Photovoltaic Ltd. is also involved in producing smart energy solutions in the following SPV systems categories -Stand Alone Battery Backed, Grid Connect, Grid/DG/Wind Hybrid. Their USP is that they serve customers through world class products and services.


EMMVEE is involved in manufacturing and developing high-performance solar systems. They offer several products like the solar applications, solar water heating systems and photovoltaic modules. This leading solar supplier is specialized in developing photovoltaic modules and systems for On-grid and Off-grid applications. Their USP is providing sustainable wide ranging solar power solutions.

 Vikram Solar

A leader as a provider in solar energy solution and well known all over the world, Vikram Solar has a range on offer. They provide /, Vikram Solar is a world renowned solar energy solution provider. It is known to offer inclusive EPC  solutions and module manufacturing. Vikram Solar has a wide international presence, they are involved in providing a large number of products that caters to needs of business and people. Their USP is that they are active contributors in shaping the solar revolution.

Inter Solar System

This Company has been involved in producing solar products since the year 1997. With time, Inter Solar System has established its name as one of the top companies in the solar product industry. The cost and the pricing of this brand is economical and affordable. Their USP is exploring new ideas and technologies which will lead to better solar products.

Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd

One of the leadin Solar Energy companies in India, Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd. is based out of Bangalore. It holds the position as  India’s biggest integrated solar companies that is involved in creating some innovative solar products. The sole aim of the company is to enable the spread of solar energy everywhere. The services and products that they offer are -Creating Innovative solar products, Cutting Edge Manufacturing, EPC services for solar power projects. Their USP is to enable solar energy everywhere.

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Amplus Energy Solutions Private Ltd

This company is a prominent player in the solar power supplier category, Amplus Energy Solutions Private Ltd caters to Industrial and commercial clients across various sectors. Amplus Energy Solutions Private Ltd dedicates their portfolio entirely to the rooftop sector, that makes them a master in their field. Amplus is dedicated to create value through- Efficiencies in financing, Expert designing and development of the system, Operation and Maintenance. Their USP is to own plants with zero investment.

Icomm Tele Ltd

Another of India’s top solar power suppliers, Icomm Tele Ltd is one of the larger players in this field. . Icomm Tele Ltd. began in the year 1989 in India and thereafter spread its wings to other nations across the world. This company is involved in offering comprehensive solutions for various sectors such as the defense, solar, power, telecom and even the infrastructure sector.Icomm Tele Ltd has advanced research capabilities and design. Their USP is discovering new ways to revolutionize the infrastructure sector.

HHV Solar Technologies Pvt Ltd

Being one of India’s supreme manufacturers of high quality, technologically advanced solar photovoltaic (SPV) modules in India, HHV Solar Technologies Pvt Ltd meets the demands of the commercial and industrial segments. Their USP is green solutions for a better tomorrow.

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