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When I was given the Herculean task of compiling a set of points or tricks to clear JEE, I was left scrounging for ideas and pondering over the things I had done in my two years at Kota. Although it was a bitter-sweet trip down the memory lane, all that I could find specifically applied to me as an individual, and I generalised it for all the students out there preparing for JEE.

Thus, having it compiled through a trip that took a bit too long, here’s what came forth as top points:

  1. Ignition: Ignition of the movement is important, and this keeps you motivated throughout the journey of JEE. The motivation leads to action and actions to the desired results in JEE. Thus, have your own set of memories, thoughts, aims, etc. that can make you smile and keep you moving forward even after a very bad day.
  2. Distraction: Have smartphones, relationships and social media under control, and not over the table. Further, try to eliminate the distractions to an extent that you can live freely and out of them. This is utmost important to ensure a hassle free JEE preparation time.
  3. Focus: Perhaps, a bit of spiritualism or meditation can help, but it is all up to you how you manage to stay focussed through the journey. This is an integral part of the whole process, because people going stray due to peer pressure, cyber cafes, movies and bars is not uncommon in the mystical times of preparation. So, you need to have the aim very clear and follow it arduously.
  4. Learning COMPLETE: This is a very necessary part of the learning process, things as simple as dipole calculation for a tetrahedral geometry in Physical Chemistry requires 3-D geometry and Vector Algebra from Mathematics and Electrostatics from Physics. So, these intertwined things require you to persevere till the very end.
  5. Time Slots: You need to have slots for every small thing that you plan, let it be dinner, having a talk with parents, shopping, homework, etc. This helps in planning your day accordingly. Moreover, the use of a smartphone in this case is very helpful but again if you cannot go for the pros and shall fall towards the tempting cons, do not use any technology. Stay with a diary, a pocket-version preferably.
  6. Scheduling: It is utterly important in JEE preparation that you have a strict schedule planned, and you follow up on that. I know making schedules are way easier than following them up, but for the better future that you aim at, it is very important.
  7. Rising the Bar: The preparation can be very demanding at times. Let’s say you have been on the top 50 at a time and that extrapolates to Top 500 AIR, do not forget that the guy in 50-60 range is not driving hard to overtake you, and come to the same spot. So, every single time, you need to rise up the bar and be ready to accept whatever may come your way.

I could go on and on, but other articles on the website list the points well and cover most of the tricks. Perhaps, for a detailed schedule of JEE preparation, you may refer here.

But, I would still say explore ‘yourself’ before following any of the methods imposed by your peers, institutes, or anybody else, because you as an individual are different and understand yourselves the best. All the Best for JEE!

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