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Stages of Reading

The process of reading divides into three stages. The 3 stages combined form is known as stages of reading. Besides, reading influences how much an individual remember and understand the text. The three stages of reading are pre-reading, through reading and post-reading.

stages of reading


In the pre-reading stage, a person prepares herself or himself for the things that they are going to read. In addition, according to research previewing the text can increase the reader’s involvement with the text. These are:

Setup a purpose- Decide a written or mental goal for your reading. Moreover, this purpose will help you to locate the specific information or idea that you need to summarize the text.

Make Predictions- Use the title or sub-heading to generate an idea about the book or text. Also, try to figure out how the writer will try to communicate the topic. Besides, prediction makes you curious about what the topic is.

Questions- Ask some questions before you start reading, which according to you the text will answer.

Build Knowledge- In this first of all think about the topic and then acquaint you with the content. Also, make yourself familiar with the language, format, topic, issue, and ideas that it will cover. In addition, in what way the language and organization of the text are used for specific purposes. Besides, the purpose of writing can be describing, informing, persuading, interacting, finding out, entertaining, recording, and regulating.

Scan the Vocabulary- Quickly look over the text for new words and then try to find their meaning from the context.

Skimming- It is a process in which a person just do a surface level reading and pay attention to the visuals, sub-headings, and format to govern if the text gives the information it needs or not.

Scanning- It simply means that do a quick reading o the text and look for keywords, ideas, phrases, visuals, subheadings, and format.

Through Reading

It means to look for clues in the text to obtain the author’s meaning and purpose for strengthening the skills of the reader.

The order of reading- The order of the text should be according to the order that we mention below. Also, it helps you to get the universal meaning before you go through the whole text in details. Besides, sometimes it happens that people after going through this order does not feel to read the whole text. Moreover, the order is:

  1. Heading or title
  2. Sub-headings
  3. Head Paragraph
  4. Final Paragraph
  5. The first sentence of every paragraph
  6. Entire text

Joining different elements of the text- Pay attention to what the writer/author is saying and how she/he expresses it. Also, what is the clear and secret meaning in the text? Try to figure out the sense of the author in relation to the topic.

Guess- When you get stuck on a word then try to read the whole text and guess its meaning accordingly. This will help you to learn new ways to use a word.

Silent reading- It is the quality of good readers that they read silently. Besides, reading aloud slows you down. Also, it forces you to listen to the sounds of words rather than their meaning.

Getting answers- Look for the answer to the question that you asked in the pre-reading stage. Moreover, it helps you to determine to predict the text.

Post Reading

In this simply go to the pre-reading stages and try to fill the gaps that you make according to your assumption. In addition, prepare a detailed sketch of what you have learned and compare it with prediction.

Evaluate- This help in carrying out how effective the writing as if the writer was successful at its an accomplishment or not.

Map- Create a visual presentation of the text and the different ideas in it with the main idea in the center.

Discuss- Analyze the language, content, and pattern of the text.

Initial prediction- Check whether your initial prediction was right or not.

Pre-reading question- Try to answer your entire pre-reading question.

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