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Indian corporate is witnessing growth like never before thanks to IITians who are foraying into start-up careers. Shunning a regular job and diving full throttle into India’s e-commerce market has proved fruitful for not just the individuals but for the country too. Some of the startups by IITians is helping India grow in a good way. Let’s read more about such startups by IITians.

Startups By IITians

To name a few, Ola cab service has raised over $210 million in under three years of its inception. Nobody can ignore how online shopping has become a hot sector with the intrusion of online shopping giants like Snapdeal and Flipkart. While Snapdeal accumulated $627 million approximately, Flipkart raced ahead with a gross income of over $700 million in last couple of years. India’s answer to online eatery guide, Zomato acquired US based Urbanspoon making this deal the biggest procurement of US based web company by an Indian institution. Suffice to say, these Indian ventures by IITians has posted a humongous growth for the nation.

Rise of the cities

Apparently Bangalore and Mumbai are cities that render booming environments for Indian companies to proliferate. Bangalore, regarded at the IT hub of the country, has no dearth of talent and mentors. It is for this reason that aware and enthusiastic inhabitants are eager to adopt new products. The customer feedbacks help to develop adequate products or services that will be readily accepted in the market.

Mumbai on the other hand boasts of it’s IIT Bombay graduates who have successfully initiated ventures like, the online property search portal. From a hostel room to across the world, the growth of this startup has been phenomenal and so is the case with Indian property sector.

Venture Investments are crucial

The dependency on Venture capital (VC) is one of the limiting factor and the companies have to dwell on it to raise revenues eventually. In order to thrive in the competitive markets, raising sufficient capital can be the only way out. Investors from all over the world have estimated the worth of endowing in Indian start-ups especially those run by IITians. Therefore our Indian finance sector is abuzz with investments flowing from all over the world. These finances are directed towards an attractive and lucrative business venture that is bound to generate employment as well. The overseas financial holdings have given a much needed power boost to the Indian Startups by IITians and have contributed immensely to development of the nation.

Human resources push the commodity

The processes run by IITians have received enormous support from the ground force. Right from providing field force to delivery of products, their importance simply cannot be ignored. employs diligent workers who visited each and every location before compiling features pertaining to each property. This precise and well researched data has found takers in millions of users of the online property portal. The delivery staff employed by Flipkart is superbly efficient in delivering the products on time.

Because of availability of economical and hardworking ground force, Indian set ups have grown by leaps and bounds. It is not just a requisite but an advantage to procure such personnel who make these services accessible to the end users.

It would be a great idea to get associated with such a start up and contribute to the country’s economical growth. With no scarcity of options and talent, this can be a dream venture for any person. The business proves to be worthwhile for the individuals as well as the country. Using Indian products, sending feedbacks about them, investing in startups by IITians, or getting the native products distributed within the country can also be considered as stepping stone towards expansion of country’s financial and cultural spectrum.

Post college, IITians join politics or the entertainment industry or they do other great things. It’s for a good reason that IITians are respected and why you should give your all to become an IITian.

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