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The old and boring curriculum focuses only on learning what the book says. But in the 21st century, you need more than just bookish knowledge to succeed in life. To help students understand and learn things easily, STEM was designed.

What is STEM?

STEM is an abbreviated form for science, technology, engineering, and math. It helps in creating and designing creative solutions. STEM inspires them to find an authentic solution for the problem to help in learning. STEM uses real-world problems to facilitate learning. It’s a special curriculum designed for four branches that are science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, in a practical approach.

STEM blends a curriculum that understands the need for 21st-century talents. It provides tools that will help you in succeeding in the workplace of the future. It makes the understanding of difficult topic easier.

Resources for STEM-

We have gathered some STEM activities that will help children and students to easily learn and understand various topics.

Science Activities-

These activities help them to learn about the environment and their surroundings in which they live. In other words, get a deeper understanding.
Sensory weather bottle: This activity will facilitate the students to learn about clouds, rain, sun, and wind. You require some bottles, water, and some craft materials to make it.
The magically crushed can and the shrinking bag: These are some pretty amazing science experiment that teaches Students a lot of stuff like how potato chips bags shrink into the microwave and how soda can crush itself when put into cold water.
Water cycle bag: In this, you need a sealable bag and marker (to draw sea, cloud, and sun) and water. Put the bag into the sun and observe how the water changes form from water to gas and vice versa.

Technology activities-

These activities help you to understand the scientific knowledge behind the technology.
Make them familiar with the technology: If possible show them how things work (in an easy way) and what and how they operate.
Show them the process behind the things: Show them how technology helps in making small things.
Be a LEGO Mechanic: LEGO is a useful tool by which students can be taught about math, technology, and engineering.
Make a Stop Motion Animation: Stop motion animation help to learn about how camera and movie technology works.

Engineering Activities-

These activities help in understanding how machines are designed and built in addition to how they take their real shape (structure).
Build a bridge: Give Students the challenge to build a bridge using craft items and check how well it holds.
Craft a catapult: Ask students to construct a working catapult that can throw small objects into the air.
Build a paper plane: Give students the projects to build a plane entirely out of cardboard and paper that can fly.
Propeller car: Instruct and help them to build a simple propeller car that runs on the power of wind and spring motion.

Mathematics Activities-

These activities will help in understanding plus, minus, divide and multiple using different methods. To get your child rid of the Maths phobia, click here.
Teach them using various items: Use various items like apple candies and other things to teach them about addition and subtraction.
Math chase: Give the students the hardest problem, and if he is able to solve it easily then leave the easy one.
Shoot and earn: Make a target with a number on it and the larger number you hit the bigger score you get.
Teach them to learn time: Teach them by pointing at the clock what that particular time is for.


In conclusion, the STEM program is very helpful in teaching students about how things work. They help in understanding the interest of the students. Therefore, the STEM program is useful to know about the concentration level of the child.

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