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Children absolutely love stories. There are several reasons why they enjoy reading them. These stories open a whole new world for them. Similarly, it offers unlimited possibilities for them. Subsequently, they travel to faraway lands using their imagination through stories. Stories have a huge impact on children. They form their beliefs and attitudes. Therefore, it is important to ensure they read good stories.

Why Children’s Stories Matter?

Stories hold great importance in shaping a child’s vision. Whether they learn about them through books or pictures, they remain important. In addition, children stories also help children develop an individual perspective. They teach them ways to socialize. Most importantly, they help children cultivate compassion. They develop their creative intellect.

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Impact of Children Stories

These stories also have an impact on the child’s opinion on gender norms in society. For instance, when stories portray women as a damsel in distress, every boy thinks it is his duty to save her. It can be dangerous in the long run. This will create a bias towards one gender. Thus, it is necessary to choose those stories which will make them better human beings. The ones which will instill compassion in them. In other words, stories which will inspire them to become better.

Classic Children’s stories

Usually, children pick some stories which become their favorite. They never get bored of them and can listen or read them innumerable times. Short stories which are not too complicated are very easy to remember. Moreover, ones with a moral at the end are very influential. Consequently, try to incorporate stories which teach them good habits.

There are new stories written every day waiting to be read. But, some are classics. These live long forever. You grew up reading them, and your parents before you, and your grandparents before them. These classic children’s stories have stayed with us forever and still remain relevant today.

Some of these classic children’s stories are:

  • Lion and the Mouse
  • The Honest Woodcutter
  • The Boy Who Cried Wolf
  • Hare and the Tortoise
  • The Ugly Duckling

Lion and the Mouse

This story revolves around a lion and a mouse. The proverb “Small acts of kindness make a big difference” is explained through this one. It further explains how anyone irrespective of their size and form, impact others greatly. This story will teach children to accept each other. In addition, it also shows them how no act of kindness is small.

The Honest Woodcutter

This tale proves the phrase ‘honesty is the best policy’ to be true. It shows how a poor woodcutter’s ax gets lost in the river. In the end, we find out how he earns a reward for being honest. It will instill honesty in children from a young age.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

The plot of the story centers around a shepherd who faces the consequences of lying constantly. This tale demonstrates how lying doesn’t do anybody any good. In addition to how one loses their credibility by lying constantly. It does not matter if they speak the truth after a hundred lies, no one will believe them.

Hare and the Tortoise

You must have heard of the phrase ‘slow and steady wins the race.’ This story is an example of the phrase only. This story shows how a tortoise defeats a hare in a race by being patient. It teaches us how being over-confident will not get you anywhere. On the other hand, taking things slowly and calmly will bear fruitful results.

The Ugly Duckling

This is the story of a duckling who does not match the societal standards of beauty. It teaches children to accept themselves for who they are. The story revolves around the perception of beauty. It highlights the fact that no appearance can be superior over the other. This story will help children accept their flaws and that too with pride.

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