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Individual and Group Guidance

Strategies are important to perform the task to get the best outcome of it. Furthermore, to guide a person, strategies play an important. So that the task assigned to the person gets performed in an efficient manner. Many people build techniques for individual and group guidance.

Individual and Group Guidance

These techniques help people to understand a task better and give the desired output. Furthermore, all these strategies should be in a short period of time. So that the group or an individual may not lose interest in it. There are various techniques in both individual and group guidance.

Group Guidance

The group guidance is a service by guidance personnel to solve common problems of a group. The Strategies for group guidance are:

  • Lectures or Talks
  • Demonstrations and role-plays
  • Orientation classes

Lectures or Talks- The lectures or talks play a vital role in guiding a person. When a group needs some guidance then lecture is the primary way to solve a common group problem. Moreover, in order to understand their problems, a question hour should take place. This will further help in delivering the favorable and best solution to the group. Hence lecture is a coherent way for the guidance of a group.

Demonstrations and role-plays- ‘Actions speak louder than words’. Therefore demonstrations and role-plays are one of the best ways to counsel a person. Furthermore, it takes less time and is more captivating. This technique makes the guidance of a group more engaging and energy-efficient. As it requires more than one person, therefore the work gets divided among people.

Orientation classes- Orientation class is necessary to guide a group in a new environment. Consequently, each of the individuals in a group needs instructions to perform a specific task. This can be done by organizing orientation classes for the group. So that they may get all the proper guidelines and clear all their doubts before the initiation of the task.

Individual Guidance

Individual guidance is the advice or a strategy designed for a particular individual to solve his problems. Moreover, it is the interaction with a person to explore his or her ideas, behaviors and feelings. There are various strategies for individual guidance:

  • Spheres of influence
  • Immediacy
  • Proxemics
  • Congruence
  • Hierarchy of needs

Spheres of influence- This strategy figures out the strengths and weaknesses of a person. In order to excel in a particular field, a person needs to know himself. Guidance counselors use this technique to motivate and advise a particular person. Moreover, the individual guidance needs proper handling of the emotions of a person and works according to it.

Immediacy- Informing a person about the current situation makes him work better towards the task. Moreover, it builds a level of trust within him which will work positively towards his goal.

Proxemics- It is the strategy of studying the body language of a particular person. As a result, the guidance counselor will get to know about the emotional and mental condition of the client. Furthermore, it will also help him to plan his reactions so that the guidance could run smoothly.

Congruence- This deals with the feedback of the counselor. The feedback of the counselor should be genuine. As a result, it will help in the progression of the client. Furthermore, it will make him understand the current and find possible ways to make it better.

Hierarchy of needs- To know a client’s needs is essential. Furthermore, the client’s needs include emotional, psychological needs and safety needs. Furthermore, self- esteem and self-actualization needs are also important. This will help in the progress of the client. Further, it can help in changing the counseling if it needs any improvement.

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