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Juggling both Medical and Engineering Entrance Together:

Well, take my word! You don’t need to be an Einstein to crack both medical and engineering entrance- JEE and AIIMS/NEET. Juggling between both the exams is not an easy task; very few marvel in it. Students are often at their wits’ end when it comes to preparing for these exams at the same time. In such a situation, it is very common to see them getting confused and feeling unnerved at the prospect of handling vast syllabi.

The daunting challenge of excelling in both engineering and medical entrance exams can sometimes demotivate or even distract even the most intelligent students. To overcome this problem, internalize the fact that you have to be adept at multi-tasking. The troika of efficient time-management, carefully-crafted strategy and judicious planning can help immensely in every student’s quest to breeze through both the exams.

In this article, we have highlighted important tips and strategies for all those engineering and medical aspirants out there who want to nail these exams with confidence.

Strategising: How to Prepare for Both Medical And Engineering Entrance Simultaneously

  • First of all, since your goal is an ambitious one and you don’t want to lose any opportunity, be prepared for extra hard work in the coming two years.
  • Do you know what’s the best part or rather the advantage you’ll have in this situation? Physics and Chemistry are common in both exams and preparing for one more extra subject than others i.e. 4 instead of 3 is all you have to do.
  • Take my advice and join a good JEE coaching class since the level of physics and chemistry is harder in JEE than in the medical entrance exam. So, if you are prepared well for JEE, you will score well in at least two sections of medical entrance exams i.e. physics and chemistry.
  • The level of difficulty is always high for Mathematics in JEE. Every year, it is evident from its cut-offs, which is the lowest compared to physics and chemistry. Similarly, preparing for Biology requires an altogether different approach with lot of mugging up. Read more about the how to prepare for JEE here.
  • Be clear about which subject you like studying more: mathematics or biology. If it is mathematics, then your strategy should be such that you are able to clear at least JEE if not medical and vice versa. You can allot a fixed number of hours to Biology daily in the morning (remember you have to work extra hard) since you cannot leave any subject for too long or you will lose touch.
  • Give some mock tests of both the exams and get yourself acquainted with the pattern of JEE & AIIMS/NEET.

Some Additional Tips & Tricks

Make Lists: Students should make a list of all the topics of JEE and medical entrance exam separately. Making this list will help in alleviating fear regarding the scope of concepts that have to be understood and learned.

Tackle Challenges: Studying the vast syllabus of both the exams can be really challenging. The solution to this problem lies in confronting the challenge by making weekly plans and assessing performance regularly. This way, students will know where they stand for each exam and can focus on improving their preparation accordingly.

Stay in the Pink of Health: Rather than getting panicky and fidgety, you must take short breaks while studying to rejuvenate yourself. You can go for a walk, listen to music or watch movies. Neglecting sleep when exams come closer can cause extreme harm to health. Besides this, starting the day with little exercise and a nutritious breakfast will not only augment concentration levels but also provide the required energy for studying.

If in the first attempt i.e. just after 12th, you succeed in any one exam, then it’s great. But if you don’t, then at least you will be able to decide which career path to choose. You can accordingly prepare only for that exam the next year, or if you feel confident enough, you can go for both but think it out well.

The aspirants of both medical and engineering entrance exams should not forget that simultaneous preparation for JEE and the medical exam is not a child’s play. A little deviation from the goal might lead to poor results. Hence, it is important to be proactive with the preparation and be adept at multi-tasking so that you can concentrate on both the exams properly.

Lastly, students need to believe in themselves. A ‘Can Do’ attitude cultivates self-motivation, which in turn aids tremendously in systematic preparation.

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