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The Blue Lake in South Australia is considered to be one of the clearest lakes in the world. Look right into it and you’ll see the bottom, not so far below. The same spectacle exists in well maintained pools and Photoshopped pictures on Instagram. Dive in head first and you realise the basin is way deeper than you thought it was. Fear grips your soul and you consider giving up. Seconds later, you accept your “inevitable” fate and concede to the your belief that you’ll never make it. You swim back to the surface, gasping for fresh air to fill your lungs and promise yourself never to do this again. The path to success is an illusion. It is often painted as a road akin to the Yellow Brick Road. The stories you read about people like Gates, Jobs and Elon Musk barely scrape the surface.

It is often observed that people born with a silver spoon in their mouths tend to not live up to the greatness of the people who placed that spoon there. Successful people are those who have seen desperation. They are people who know what it’s like to feel dejected and who know what it’s like to trudge on for eons without a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel. They are people who are motivated by the dread of going back to that state.

Evolution is funny. What we don’t realise is that the greatest gift of mankind is our inherent ability to fear. Fear gives men wings, not Red Bull. Struggling forces you to analyse your current situation and improve upon it in the best way.

The reason we have such a dynamic and rich landscape today in terms of education and business is due to this very fact. The intense competition and cut throat struggle to get into the nest institutes every year is a testament to this fact. Businesses that fail to struggle to innovate and distinguish themselves from competitors are almost always forgotten.

As Lance Armstrong says, “pain is only temporary”. The pain involved in struggling and achieving glory needs to be bared only for a brief time. But, if one decides not to struggle and just quit, this pain would last forever. To stick along a while longer than the others, makes all the difference. The difference between achievers and failures is just of having walked that extra mile in their struggle. At times success may seem distant and struggle may seem of no use. But the trick in those times is not to give up and continuing regardless, with your eyes on the final goal. The only failure would be to not finish what you have begun.

The road to success is riddled with failures and pit falls. The important thing is to remember to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and think about where you went wrong. Take a few steps back and avoid the pit this time. Once you’re on the other side, remember to laugh at yourself and move on.

So the next time you foolishly decide to plunge into one of those deceptive lakes, remind yourself not to fall prey to the laws of refraction and join Spongebob in his under water camp fire.

Success mantras is something almost every person likes to give. However, learn about success from one of the most respected sports personalities, Sachin Tendulkar, here.

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