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Coaching institutes’ business is booming day by day as more than thousands of students prepare for JEE every year. Lecturers help students in preparing for JEE by providing proper guidelines. They know the syllabus of JEE well and guide the students about what to study and what to leave out to save time. They help children solve complicated problems in an easy manner within a given time limit. Coaching institutes are a saving grace for candidates, but the trend is changing and students are now opting for self-study to crack the JEE. 

How to Prepare for IIT JEE Without Coaching

1. Time Management
Without time management, no magic pill is going to help you reach your goals. It’s crucial to make time your friend rather than making it your foe. Always remember – you need to work smart in addition to working hard. Sitting with a book 16 hours a day and actually studying for 16 hours a day makes a huge difference. Ensure you put in quality time studying when you are focused and avoid slouching or studying when feeling sleepy.

2. Follow a Schedule
Make it a habit of spending 15 – 30 minutes on planning your day in the morning. It will set the schedule in your brain about the to-do tasks and avoiding wastage of time. You can see how time management and planning your day are so related. You have to mark your priorities first and jot down the work you cannot skip—lunch, classes and seminars. You will be mostly busy during the day with school, classes, so allot time for self-study in the evening. Take a short break after each subject and review your answers.

3. Understand the Syllabus and Exam Pattern (including weightage)
The IIT JEE syllabus is vast. In order to get a good rank, you must make sure that you have equal command in all the three  subjects. You should study all the important topics first and then solve sample problems. Certain topics in the JEE syllabus have more weightage over others, so laying more stress on these important topics will help you score more marks in the exam. The tough topics obviously have more weightage, so without any concession, you ought to study them properly.

4. Study Concepts, Solve Problems, Cross-Check Solutions
No matter how many coaching classes you join or how many study materials/books you buy, you have to spend time studying these materials and lecture notes. Self-study is one of the most important aspects of your JEE preparation. The more time you devote towards clearing your concepts in 3 topics (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) – the better are your chances of getting a top rank in the JEE.

5. Solve Previous Years’ Papers
Always remember, there is nothing called a new question. The JEE examiners test students year after year on the same concepts in order to establish the credibility of the student. The questions are just rephrased/tweaked or made to look more complicated. More than that, solving previous years’ JEE question papers help you understand the overall approach and pattern followed in JEE exams. Apart from this, you become more confident by solving questions that had appeared in previous JEE exams. So, you will be able to tackle similar problems in your JEE exam pretty easily.

By following these simple tips, you can crack JEE exams without going to any coaching institute.

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